After you have successfully created all types of absence, you can choose whether you want to manually assign the policy to your employees or choose an upload via Excel. 


The way you can manually assign absences to your employees is explained in the article Creating and managing Time Off´s.

If you finish adding all Time off types and policies with all types and policies, you can assign them to your employees. Go to Time off > Company > and click on the [...] button next to an employee. Then, click on Manage policies and assign all the policies you need to the employee. For policies with the earned allowance, you need to adjust the balance for the first year. This you can do also by clicking on [...]  > Adjust the balance and simply enter the desired balance.

If you prefer the upload via Excel, please download the file in the attachment of this article and pay attention to the advices in the notes. 

After this, please upload the file to the Smart Docs on your Kenjo account and send us an email. We will now upload your absences for you.