Assignment of time off types

At this point, you have an overview of all employees and their time off types as well as their assigned policies. Please note that at first glance you will only see the active employees. If you also want to edit policies for inactive employees, you can do so by using the filter. 


If you want to assign a policy to an employee, click on the three dots button. 

After this, a window will open where you can select all of your time off types and policies created for this employee in the settings. Now assign all the required policies to the employee by clicking on “manage policies”. 

Changing absence types

If you want to change individual policies for an employee, you can also do so in the Time off > Company tab

Kenjo offers you the following options here:

  • Adjust balance

For all time off´s that you have not set as unlimited, you can manually adjust the balance for the employee here.

  • Adjust days taken

If you want to adjust the number of days taken after they were taken already, you can do this manually here. Please note that the number is not the period, but only the total sum.  

  • Manage policies

If you want to add, remove or change policies for a specific employee later, you can manage all policies here.