By checking the overview of all employees in your Kenjo account, you can edit both active and inactive employee profiles. To do so, select the specific employee and then choose from the areas of personal, salary and (if activated) presence. 


Here you can view or edit the employee's personal data. In this view, as an administrator, you have access to a menu on the right that allows you to: 

  • Activate any workflow manually only with the object "Employee". 
  • Activate/deactivate the user. 
  • Change the work email, the one you use to log in to your Kenjo account.
  • Reset the password.
  • Enable/disable attendance. 
  • View the history of actions that you, as an administrator, or the employee have performed in the profile.



In the menu item compensation, you can add employment, salary and variable pay. 


In the item Payroll, you will find an overview of the employee's salaries for the current year. You can manage and view the individual payslips in the Smart Docs area 


If you have activated time recording for the specific employee, you will find an overview of the recorded times in this area. You as an admin can also record and approve or delete times. 

You can find all information about time recording in the article Attendances