You can access the Kenjo mobile version by typing the following URL in your mobile device's browser: It's important to mention that this is not a native app that you can download from Google Play or the Apple store.

A shortcut on your mobile screen - available only for some devices

The first time you access the sign-in page, the browser will ask you if you want to add a shortcut on your mobile's screen. Agree, and the next time you just need to click on this shortcut to open the Kenjo mobile version directly. 

Features available in the mobile version

Not all the features available in the desktop app are included in this first release of the mobile version. We decided to prioritize the ones more frequently used but more will follow in upcoming releases.

Below you can find a quick summary of the features included:

  • Time off > My requests

Here you have an overview of your time off and can submit or request them. 

  • Time off > Approve requests

This area is released for users with the appropriate authorization. This is the case in the standard profiles Admin and HR Admin. Managers can also view the time off of their subordinates here.

  • Attendance > Today and Timesheet

To submit your working time adding your start and end time every day and to see your current and previous weekly timesheet.

  • Smart docs > Documents

To upload documents at any time and see the documents which were uploaded in the last 30 days.