With Kenjo, you can create and set up a customized career site for your organization. You can either host your career site in Kenjo, or set up the career site on your own website. Before diving into the article, make sure you understand how to set up your Career site

Career Builder - Kenjo subdomain

The easiest way to set up your career site is to use the Career Builder feature. You can find a complete explanation on how to do this in the following article: Understand Career builder

In this case, your career site will be hosted by Kenjo, eg: https://your_subdomain.kenjo.io/. You can use this URL on your website and redirect your Careers page to it.

Integrating our widget into your website

If you already have a career site under your own subdomain, you can also integrate our widget directly into your website. In order to set it up, please follow the next steps:

  • Copy the following script code in your own website where you want to place the widget:

	function loadKenjoCareerSite() {
	  	var kenjoCareerSiteHtml = this.responseText.replace(/<a _/g, '<a target="_blank" _');
	  	kenjoCareerSiteHtml = kenjoCareerSiteHtml.replace(/href="\//g, 'href="https://YOUR_SUBDOMAIN.kenjo.io/');
	  	kenjoCareerSiteHtml = kenjoCareerSiteHtml.replace('<base href="https://YOUR_SUBDOMAIN.kenjo.io/">', '');
	  	document.getElementById('kenjoCareerSite').innerHTML = kenjoCareerSiteHtml;
	document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function(event) {
	 	var kenjoCareerSiteXhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
		kenjoCareerSiteXhr.addEventListener('load', loadKenjoCareerSite);
		kenjoCareerSiteXhr.open('GET', 'https://YOUR_SUBDOMAIN.kenjo.io');
<div id="kenjoCareerSite"></div>
  • Substitute "https://YOUR_SUBDOMAIN.kenjo.io/" with your existing subdomain within the code above. Please note there are two lines of code in which you need to substitute it.

  • In Kenjo, go to Settings > Recruiting > Career Site > Career builder and add the widget 'Active positions'. Save the changes, and all currently active positions in your Kenjo account will appear on your website, through our career widget.

Note: if you don’t require a dedicated career site or already have one you wish to keep, you can also just process your job openings manually. In that case, simply use the custom URL of each job opening in Kenjo to link it to the job opening in your existing career site or in the job ad application form you use in job portals like Linkedin, Indeed, etc.