With a single click on the Review tab, you have all the relevant information about a candidate. You will see the open documents and you will be able to move the applicant to another phase with only one click.

You can navigate to the previous/next candidate using the Left/Right arrow keys respectively. Also, you can use the Esc key to close the Review tab. 

Towards the right top corner, you will find the option to review candidates from other stages.


With the scorecards, everyone in the Hiring team can now rate the candidate according to the parameters you have preset. It is also possible to keep notes in addition to the rating. Based on the rating given, Kenjo calculates this applicant's score for the specific skill.  Each scorecard automatically contains a field for your overall impression at the end of the sheet. This is where you can enter your personal, final rating. Afterward, the system calculates the percentage fit of the applicant, and you will see the result immediately after opening the applicant.


The move button is your shortcut to move the applicant to another phase. You can also use the pipeline for this. It allows you to move your applicants using drag & drop.


After the decision is made by the Hiring team click on the (...) button to access the following options:

  • Convert to employee

Have you found the perfect person for your job opening? Congratulations! This means that you will convert this candidate into an employee. In order to do so, go to the candidate profile and click on the three points. The option "Convert applicants to employees" will now appear. After you have selected this option, the system will lead you to an overview in which you can complete the data of your new employee. Your new colleague will now appear in your employee overview. 

  • Reject from this job opening

You can reject candidates that do not meet your expectations with one click in Kenjo. To do so, go to the applicant profile, click on the three dots and select the "Reject applicant" option. You can find out how to automate a rejection email in the article Recruiting Workflows.

  • Reject and send an email

Use this option when you want to reject a candidate and send an email. This option allows you to select a template, and modify the content if necessary. 

  • Remove applicants from the job posting

If the applicant is relevant in other job openings, please use this option.  

  • Delete permanently 

If you want to delete a candidate completely, use this option. This means that all the candidates' data, including the documents, will be deleted.