Profiles and permissions in Shiftplan

Modified on Wed, 18 May 2022 at 04:39 PM

Contrary to most of our features in Kenjo, access permissions for Shiftplan are not set up in Settings > Profile and permissionsMoreover, only three profiles are contemplated in the usage of Shiftplan. Therefore, access permissions are defined by default, and they will depend on the role of the employee.

Admin's or HR Admin's Permissions

  • Activate/disable Shiftplan for the organization
  • Activate/disable Shiftplan for a location
  • Edit all settings in Shiftplan
  • Manage shifts, which means: read, add, edit, or delete:
    • Tags
    • Working areas
    • Roles
    • Shiftplan cards (open and scheduled)
    • Employee profile details
  • Publish shifts and send notifications
  • Access mobile version

A more comprehensive list of permissions for Admins and HR admins (not only related to shift plan) can be found here.

Employee's permissions

In the current version of Shiftplan Employees will only have access to the mobile version of Shiftplan. Therefore, they won't see the shiftplan menu if they access on desktop. This was done taking into account of highly mobile and hands-on nature of work of shift employees of the majority of companies we co-developed the feature with.

  • See Shiftplan menu only in mobile (if active)
  • Receive mobile notifications when shifts are published (if active)
  • See Shiftplan information (Start date, End date, Location, Working area, Notes, etc.) 
  • See when other employees are available (if active)

Note: If an Admin or HR Admin have shifts assigned to them, they will have permissions and access both as Admins and Employee. In other words, they will be able to add and manage shifts on Kenjo's desktop version, while receiving notifications about their shifts on Kenjo's mobile apps. However, if an Admin or HR Admin only has that role, they will not receive push notifications about shifts.

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