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Performance reviews are a way to evaluate your work and measure your and your employees' achievements in an objective and cooperative manner. 


There are two ways in which employees will find their input is required in a performance review:

  • Email Notification: Employees will receive an email indicating that their input for a performance review is required. By clicking on the link attached to the button, they will be redirected straight to the performance review.

  • In-app Notification: Notifications can be accessed by clicking the bell icon in the top right corner of the screen. If you have a new unseen notification, a yellow dot next to the bell will appear. Once you click on it, you will be able to see the new notifications:

By clicking on the Open button, you will be redirected to your TO-DOS page, where all tasks regarding Performance reviews will be displayed.

Writing a Performance Review

To write a Performance Review, click on the link of the email notification or go to your Personal profile > Performance > TO-DOS and click on WRITE REVIEW.

The following general information will be displayed:

  • Name of the performance review: in this case Performance Review Q1
  • Dropdown menu: where you can change between review types. For example, between Self-assessment and Direct Reports
  • Status: it indicates if the review has been not started, started, or completed
  • SHOW REVIEWEE SIDE: if the reviewee answered her or his self-assessment, you can click here to compare the results.
  • General information:
    • Reviewer: indicates who you are evaluating. If available, you can click the arrow to change reviewees
    • Job title: indicates the Job title of the reviewer
    • Review type: it can be Direct Report, Manager, Peer Review, or Self Assessment
    • Due date: indicates before when you have to complete the review
  • Reviewer assessment:
    • Reviewer: the person writing the review
    • Reviewed assessed: the person who will receive the feedback


Following the general information about the Review, you will find the questions you have to answer. They are organized by different categories of evaluation. You can add comments to each question (as long as the option was enabled) by clicking on (+) ADD COMMENT.

After you have completed all the assessment questions, you will be asked to evaluate the employee according to their potential and performance level, as well as include an overall rating. 

Click SAVE DRAFT & EXIT, if you are not able to finish at once and would like to continue later.

Click FINISH, if you finish your performance review and would like to share the feedback.

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