Create Smart Docs Templates

Modified on Tue, 09 Aug 2022 at 03:44 PM

Create templates with placeholders that will be automatically populated with the information of the employee you assign the file to. This feature is useful for standardized documents such as working contracts. 

Note: Check out this video on smart docs for a more detailed explanation and visualisation! 

Create Templates

To use the template feature, follow the next steps:

  • Create the content of your template on a .docx file
  • Add all the placeholders in the document that you need. These placeholders can be named however you want, the only important thing is that they are created between curly brackets. 

For example, you can name your placeholder for last name either:



  • Import the .docx file in Smart Docs > Templates > (+) UPLOAD DOCUMENT.

  • Once your document is uploaded, click on the file and, in the right-hand menu, match all placeholders with its corresponding fields from Kenjo. For example, {Last Name} with "Last name".

  • Click on SAVE. Your new templates will have a new menu on the right side of the screen with all placeholders with their corresponding field information in Kenjo:

Assign templates to employees

Once all placeholders match their corresponding field in the file, you can assign the document to your employees. To do so, follow the next steps:

  • Click on the template you want to assign


  • In the search bar, type down the employee's name

  • Select if you want the document to be visible to the employee by clicking on the tick box

  • Check that all placeholders are matched with the right information from the employee's profile. In case this information is missing in the employee's profile, you can add it manually. In the example below, the employee Amanda has not added her address but you can manually type it down when creating the document.

  • Finally, click on CREATE DOCUMENT

Now the document should appear in the employee's personal documents with the information populated. For example:


  • To add more placeholders to an old template, you will have to download the document, add the placeholder and upload it again in Smart Docs > Templates.
  • only “.docx” can be uploaded as templates.

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