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The employee field function is a very useful tool that can simplify your everyday processes. You can use custom fields as a channel of communication between the employee and HR. You can even connect your employee fields to workflows! Therefore, when a certain field is filled out by an employee, the hooked up workflow is triggered. 

To add new fields, go to Settings > Employee fields and add a new field to your preferred section by clicking on (+) ADD NEW FIELD


  • Check out this video on how to assess the employee profile in Kenjo!
  • Please note that you should create the fields in the designated areas. The Personal and Work areas are public.

We offer the following types of fields:

Lastly, find out at the end of this article how to connect your employee fields to a workflow!

Auto Number

If you want to create an auto number, use this employee field. In the settings, you can also choose whether the automatic number should be generated for existing data records. If you do not click on this option, you will see the field for all existing employees, but without any value. Remember that you set a starting value that will always automatically increase by one later. This is ideal for documenting employee numbers.

Note: If you don’t already have a system for generating employee ID's, you can have Kenjo doing it for you. Simply set the format of your employee ID's and let Kenjo generate them automatically.


Use the type boolean for fields, where you only expect the answer to be yes or no. You will get a checkbox in the employee profile, which you can click. You can use this, for example, to ask whether a new employee has completed their profile. This could then trigger a workflow for new joiners.

This is what it will look like in the employee's profile:


To ensure, that your dates are displayed correctly for different location preferences (e.g. American vs. German), you can use the type date. All dates entered here will switch automatically to the expected format your employees choose as their personal 'region'.

The date field can, for example, be used to ask for the date of a back from work permit. 


If you want to save an additional email address for later use for reminders or the like, use this type. For example, you can add the email address of an onboarding buddy. 


If you want to make sure that only certain values can be entered into a field, go for a list. Here you can enter all allowed list items, which you can choose one from later. Use this type for example for the highest education someone has or which level of a foreign language, or what type of hardware they prefer. 

Click on (+) ADD NEW ENTRIES to add options to your list. 

This is what it will look like in the employee's profile:


You can use them for anything, that you want to count, like for example how many children your employee has, or if they need a certain amount of money paid upfront. 


In a field of the type text, you can enter any kind of text. This can be letters, numbers or special characters. So this type will fit most of your needs, like phone numbers, drivers license number, usernames or IDs. For example, you can use this field to inform about upcoming planned training sessions. 

Text Area

If you want to have the space to enter a very long text, text areas are your friends. Here you can enter up to 1000 characters. You can use them for example to store some notes, or to ask about the first impression of the onboarding experience. 


Here, you can add any links that are important for your employee to have, for example a link to your onboarding plan or to the Google Drive team. 

Connect Employee Fields to a Workflow

You can connect your employee fields to an automatic workflow. In this example, we are assigning someone as an onboarding buddy for a new hire. To create the workflow, follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Create custom Employee fields
  • Go to Settings > Employee Fields > Work (Note: Remember that the Personal and Workareas are public for the whole company)
  • Click on (+) ADD CUSTOM FIELDand add the field "Onboarding Buddy"

  • Step 2: Create a workflow to let the Onboarding Buddy know
    • Email Template:

Subject: You have been assigned as the Onboarding Buddy of {!runningUser.userPersonal.displayName}



We have amazing news! You have been assigned as the Onboarding Buddy of {!userPersonal.firstName}! Because of your outstanding performance and time in our company, we know that you will make our new member welcome!


Your HR Team

  • Workflow Configuration

  • The action of the workflow

  • Step 3: Assign Best Buddy to new employee
    • Go to the new hire's profile on People > Employee's Profile > Personal
    • On the field "Onboarding Buddy", write the email of the Onboarding Buddy.
    • On the field "New hire's Email", add the Best Buddy email

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