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The Payroll feature helps you prepare a preliminary payroll. Once your monthly payroll documents are ready, you’ll need to provide them to your external accountant. To learn how to set up your payroll click here

To review and download your monthly payroll data, go to People > Payroll and choose a payroll group and a period. This page reflects the data based on what you determined for this group in Settings > Payroll.


  • Only users with salary information are shown in all the groups.
  • To see the latest payroll information, the payroll from the last month must be closed.
  • If you need to add additional information for an employee, you can click on the employee's name and be directed straight to their profile.
  • If you have not made the basic settings for your payroll yet, you can learn how to do it by following the steps described in the article Set up of your payroll.

As soon as employee data is updated, the system automatically highlights it in orange in the table. For example, you want to grant a bonus to one of your employees for the month of October, but it was not granted in September. When you run the payroll for the month of October, the row of the employee (in this case Albert) will be highlighted.

You will find different sections:

  • Employee data
  • Time offs
  • Variable payments

Employee data

In this section, you can conveniently access and review the list of salaries for each of your employees. The columns that appear in this list are determined by the fields you have selected in Payroll > Settings > Employee fields. To view all the information, simply scroll from left to right.

Within the salary preview table, you will find key information, including:

  • Tracked hours: This represents the total number of hours worked during the current payroll period, extracted from the employees' attendance summary.
  • Hourly rate: This column displays the hourly rate configured within the employee's personal compensation tab.
  • Salary base: It provides the total calculation derived from attendance multiplied by the hourly rate (hourly).
  • Surcharge payment: This section compiles the total of all surcharges combined. You can identify this figure by its distinct attributes: it's displayed in blue, underlined, and clickable.

Note: If you do not see some or all of these fields, make sure to add them within Payroll > Settings > Payroll group > Employee fields. This ensures that you have access to the complete and relevant salary details for your employees.

Variable payments

Lastly, you will be able to see all variable payments you have done in the month with their corresponding date, amount, and type.

Employee Docs

Here you will find the Time offs that were requested during the selected period of time. You will be able to directly download the file that was added to that specific time-off request. 

Close your payroll

Once everything is okay, you can close your payroll by clicking on CONFIRM. Your new payroll page will look like this:

If you have closed your payroll but you have made last-minute corrections, you can always click on CHECK FOR CORRECTIONS. A new file will be added that contains under the section CORRECTIONS with the changes between the last day that you closed the payroll and the last day of your payroll period. 

Lastly, you are able to add or drag and drop your payslips belonging to this month's payroll by clicking on PAYSLIPS. Remember that you can also add your payslips under Smart docs > Import > Payslips.

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