Kenjo supports you with the set up of your payroll. 

Using our Payroll feature, you can calculate your payroll in the time interval of your choice, and then export the generated payroll files in Excel or CSV format. The exported files will provide you with all information for your current payroll, a correction statement, time offs, and the corresponding documents.

Basically, there are two relevant days in your monthly payroll: 

1. The Cut-off date for employees who receive a fixed monthly salary (for example, 01.01 - 31.01). Even if your export day is before 31.01, the full monthly salary will still appear on your list. 

2. The Closing date helps you to run payroll for employees who receive an hourly salary. The payroll period for hourly employees is therefore the period between the last export day and the current one, and the system calculates the salary for this period.


If there are changes of your employees with a fixed monthly salary between the export day and the deadline (e.g. absence), Kenjo will generate a file with these changes for your correction payroll in the following month.

Payroll set up

From the menu bar on the left side go to Settings > Payroll. Here you can define the contents as well as the assessment period of your later export.

Cut-off date

This date serves as the assessment basis for all employees who have a fixed monthly salary. So if your company settles the salaries at the end of the month, choose the option "Last day of the month". 

By activating the option "Apply cut-off to Variable pay" you can settle variable payments (e.g. bonus) on the Cut-off date. If you do not activate this option, the variable salaries are calculated on the basis of the Closing date instead.

Time off type

Here you will find an overview of the time off types you have created, and you can specify which of these types should be later included in your exported files.

Document type

Here you will find all document types in your system. You can choose which ones should be part of your exported files.

Employee Fields

Here you can select all relevant employee fields for your payroll file. These will later appear both in the Employee data view of the Payroll section and in your exported files. 

Click on "Save" and the first step of your payroll is already done!