Product Update - April 2023

Modified on Tue, 23 May 2023 at 05:30 PM

Welcome to a new product update! Today we have a lot of new updates for you, so let’s get this party started!! 


Today, we have two major updates in Shiftplan for you! We keep on improving this tool to meet your every need. Planning your shifts will just get easier and easier. 

  • Drag and drop editing of shifts - You are now able to easily edit a shift’s assigned date or employee via drag and drop. With this new feature, you can now easily edit a shift without the hassle of manually changing the information. Simply grab the shift with your mouse, drag it to the desired date or employee, drop it, and voila! You're done! This feature is an absolute time-saver and makes shift management effortless. Learn more. 

  • View time off’s in Shiftplan - With this new update, all time off’s will will be visible in your Shiftplan. You can see exactly which employees are off and when. No more conflicts when planning your shifts! You will no longer need to switch between the Time off module and the Shiftplan to be able to plan the shifts without mistakes.
    Pro Tip : You can also collect employee “wish days” using this option. Simply create a non-working non-paid time off policy. Your team can use this to indicate days they don't want you to schedule shifts on. Learn more.

Navigation Update: Calendar

With this new update, we have added the calendar settings to the calendar tool. This means that you can now access the calendar settings via two ways: you either go the to all feature settings page and are redirected to Calendar > Settings, or you directly go to the calendar feature and click on Settings in the bar at the top. 

Navigation Update: Pulse

Just like in our calendar, you can now also access the Pulse settings through the Pulse tab. So, you can now also access the Pulse settings both via Settings > Pulse, or directly via the bar within the Pulse tool. 

Time off 

As you know, we have recently revamped our Time off module, especially the time off policy creation, to assure a smoother and more precise time off planning process. Well, the process has become even smoother. You can now bulk assign employees to a policy. This is possible either right after policy creation, where you will be asked whether you want to assign employees right away or later. If you want to assign employees later, you can simply do so by going to Settings > Time off > Settings > Policy. Here, you can click on the three dots and select Assign employees

Learn more.


With this new release, we have introduced some important validations to the DATEV payroll preview table. We will now validate if employees have a PNR number in their employee profile and if the company DATEV settings have been set up correctly. If a PNR number is missing or the DATEV settings haven’t been completed, this will be highlighted in the preview table and the payroll process will be locked until the errors have been fixed. 

Heads up! Further validations will be added over the next few months. 

Payroll - New pay period options

We have added two new pay periods to our payroll functionality: Weekly and Bi-Monthly! Now, you can make your life easier by scheduling periodic compensation that perfectly matches your country's regulations (especially those in Latin America!). When payday arrives, Kenjo will do the work for you by automatically calculating the salary for the chosen pay period. In addition to monthly payments, you will now be able to calculate the following:

  • Bimonthly - With this option, your employees will receive 24 paychecks at the end of the year. By default, there will be two pay periods in a month, from the 1st to the 15th and from the 16th to the last day of the month.

  • Weekly - With this option, your employees will receive 52 paychecks in a year. You can choose any day of the week as the start date, which will automatically affect the end date. For example, if the pay period starts on Sunday, it will end on the following Saturday.

Learn more. 

Coming soon

We are always working on improving Kenjo for you, so we are always working on something new! Here’s what you can expect in the next upcoming months:

  • Settings tabs for all features - In this release, we are introducing the Settings tab within our Calendar and Pulse spaces. This means that you can now access the settings of these features either from their icon on the left sidebar, or as you normally would from the general settings. So far, other features such as Shiftplan and Attendance have a Settings tab within their own space. With time, we will add the settings tabs to all the features you can see in the Kenjo sidebar.

  • Time off improvements - Within the next couple months, we will focus on making enhancements to the Time off cards to improve clarity. Additionally, they will be made available in the Kenjo mobile version. But that’s not all for Time off! In the future, we will also allow you to bulk reassign and bulk remove employees from time off policies. 

  • DATEV - As promised, we will add more DATEV validations to the DATEV payroll interface with the next updates.

  • New Kiosk app - Soon, you will be able to access your company’s Kiosk via our new Kiosk app. You will then no longer have to access the Kiosk through your browser, but can simply open the app. You can even lock your screen after entering the Kiosk and make sure that the app won’t be closed.

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