Product Update - March 2023

Modified on Mon, 27 Mar 2023 at 03:26 PM

Welcome to a new product update! Today we have a lot of new updates for you, so let’s get this party started!! 

New look for Time off policies

Do you remember when in one of our latest product emails we told you about the upcoming time off changes? Well, we are veeeery excited to announce they are here, and we are just getting started! 

  • New design - From now on, you will be able to create absence policies by navigating through different stages that are intended to cover each specific case in countries like yours. In addition, time off policy creation has a new look and feel to give you a better overview of this process. These are the new stages that await you:
    • Allowance - The allowance rules are the first crucial step to your policy creation. Here, you can configure the policy name, the allowance type and base allowance, the accrual, and many more.Whatever you configure here sets the tone for the rest of the settings. Learn more. 
    • Proration - Here, you can decide whether the base allowance should be prorated based on different factors or whether the allowance is given all at once. For example, if you have an employee that starts in the middle of the proration period, you can decide whether they get the entire allowance or just half. Learn more.
    • Balance - In this step, you can configure all rules concerning the time off balance, such as whether you allow a negative balance, whether a balance can be carried over to the next cycle, and so on. Learn more.
    • Request - In this final step, you decide how your employees can request time off, which includes whether approval is needed, whether time off requests are frozen during the probation period, or whether employees are allowed to request half days. Learn more. 
  • Hour-based policies - In the past, when configuring an hour-based policy, the settings were very basic. However, with this update, you can now set up an hour-based policy with the exact same settings as a day-based policy. 
  • Time off requests from the last cycle - Up until now, when approving a request from the last cycle, the employee time off balances would not be recalculated. That has changed. From now on, when approving a time off request that was made in the last cycle, the time off balance is recalculated accurately. 

Shiftplan - delete shifts in bulk

We have added a new feature within your Shiftplan: select shifts. This is very helpful when you want to delete a lot of shifts in bulk, but you don’t want to delete all shifts for an employee or all shifts within a week. For this action you can now simply click on “Select shifts”, click on the shifts you want to delete and you’re done. Learn more.

New parameter for employee API

We have added a “weekly hours” parameter to the “add employee” API. This can be really helpful because, until now, when creating a new employee through an API, they would get created without weekly hours. From now on, this will no longer be an issue. When creating a new employee, you can add weekly hours right away and won’t have to face any issues.

Coming soon

Before we finish for today, we have some more exciting news for you, in the form of even more upcoming changes. Here’s what’s awaiting you:

  • New Attendance section - Yes, you heard right, we have finally included a whole section for the Attendance feature in our sidebar. Soon, you will be able to access your personal timesheet, the company’s attendance summary, and the “who’s checked in?” section in this new space. Additionally, you can configure the attendance settings right here in this section. 

  • New expandable sidebar - Soon, you will also have access to our new expandable and collapsible sidebar. Via a new button on the top left corner within Kenjo, you can navigate your sidebar and now see either only the respectable icons for all sections, or you can see both the icons and the sections’ names. 

  • Accessing the personal profile - The new icon for expanding and collapsing the sidebar is right where the shortcut to accessing the personal profile used to be. But don’t worry, that function is not gone! Where you currently have an arrow on the right hand side of the Kenjo screen, you will soon see your profile picture. You can then click on it and access your personal profile, visit the helpcenter, or sign out. 

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