Product Update - January 2023

Modified on Mon, 27 Mar 2023 at 12:22 PM

We hope you had a great start into the new year! Now that everyone has settled in and gotten used to their routines again after the craziness of the holidays, let’s shake it up with a round of new product updates! Here we go!

Shiftplan - New bulk actions

Our Shiftplan module for you by you has some new improvements for you! Thanks to your valuable feedback, we keep making Shiftplan a functionality that helps you save time as much as possible.

  • Drag and drop shift templates - Saving and re-using frequently used shifts is now effortless. With the new shift templates feature, you can save all your favourite shift configurations in the templates menu and drag and drop to use them everytime. You can assign them in bulk to many employees and also use templates created by your colleagues! Learn more. 
  • Delete shifts in bulk - Made a mistake and assigned a bunch of shifts you now need to delete? Use the new bulk deletion! Now, instead of having to delete all shifts one by one, you can bulk delete an entire week in just 2 clicks. Learn more.

Dashboards - Time Off Request History

We have added a new Metrics dashboard under Analytics > Dashboards. In the Time Off Request History dashboard, you can now see all time off’s that have been requested within your company/ies. This is especially important for German companies in order to be compliant with the regulations regarding the requesting of an absence certificate from employees (eAU), as you can easily check which requested time off’s have an attachment.

New endpoint for Attendance API

We have added a new endpoint to our Attendance API, which allows you to access specific data or services. Our new API endpoint streamlines time tracking by only requiring employee identification (userId, email, or externalId), date/time and user comments. This simplifies entries tracking by internally managing order and transforming each track action into a Kenjo user attendance format for effortless tracking.

Kiosk - Add breaks when checking out

Our latest update to the attendance kiosk now includes a convenient break reminder upon check-out. When employees enter their PIN code to check out, a pop-up window reminds them to log their break time. The system will also detect if the shift duration limit has been exceeded and automatically adjust the time to stay within the established time frame.

Tip of the month

Did you know about our manage columns feature when managing your employees’ time off’s? As you already know, under Time off > Company, you can manage your employees’ time off policies by clicking on the three dots button. What you might not know is that you actually have a little helper that provides a clearer overview. When you hover over the top of the table, a little icon with the name Manage columns appears. 

Here, you can activate or deactivate the columns that you want to be shown on the table and rearrange them. For example, if it is not important for you to see whether your employees have requested time off’s for the next cycle, you can simply turn off this column and have a less crowded table to work with.

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