Product Update - June 2023

Modified on Wed, 12 Jul 2023 at 03:23 PM

Turn up the summer fun with our hottest update! Experience thrilling new features and enhancements that will make your summer shine. Get ready for endless possibilities! 

New breaks management

We're excited to announce a major revamp of our breaks feature in this update! Say goodbye to adding just the overall break time because now you have the flexibility to add multiple individual breaks with their specific start and end times. Whether you're on the desktop or using our mobile version, editing breaks has never been easier. Enjoy a more granular control over your break management and make the most out of your workday! Learn more.

Manage time off policies more efficiently

We're happy to introduce a fresh enhancement to our time off feature, making time off policy management even more seamless. Get ready to experience the following exciting updates:

  • View a list of all employees assigned to a policy - We have simplified managing your employees within your time off policies. From the policy settings, click Manage employees to see a list of all employees that are assigned to the selected policy.

  • Bulk assign employees - From this list, you can easily assign employees to your policy! Simply click on (+) ASSIGN EMPLOYEES and select as many employees as you want! This way, you no longer have the hassle of adding all your employees one by one.

  • Bulk reassign and unassign employees - You can now also reassign employees from the current policy to another policy within the same policy type or unassign employees from the policy. Simply select as many employees as you want and click on ACTIONS

  • New Settings tab - As a delightful addition, we have integrated a dedicated settings tab directly into the time off section. Now, you can effortlessly handle all your time off management needs in one convenient place.

Learn more

New Kenjo Kiosk app

We have finally launched our Kenjo Kiosk app for iOS and Android! You can reach it under these links:

Customizable Shiftplan layout

As an Admin, you now have the power to create your own customizable Shiftplan layout in the settings. With this new view, you see a more compact version of the shiftplan and can thus see more information at  once. Under View Options, you can choose to include two of the following data in  your new layout: RoleStart and end timeShift duration, and Location. This way, you also decide on the information that your employees will be able to see in the shiftplan. Learn more. 

New DATEV validations

We have added 20+ data validations to the DATEV preview screen! This means that from now on, there should be no data errors when importing the payroll file into DATEV. For example, incorrect characters in the IBAN number or too many characters in the email address field.

We clearly highlight all errors within the DATEV preview screen, enabling quick identification and correction of specific fields. You also have direct access to the person's profile for immediate resolution.

New filters and actions for Digital Signature

Get ready for an enhanced signing experience with the exciting additions to the Digital signature tab! In this release, you'll discover exciting features such as a new column for document tags, the ability to filter documents by various criteria like TagRecipientAuthor, and Status, as well as a handy search function. Additionally, you can now sort documents by Document name and Recipient, in addition to the existing option of sorting by Sent on. We've also introduced the capability to request signatures again in bulk, offering a seamless solution in case of any API failures while requesting signatures from Import > Payslips. Enjoy these latest enhancements to streamline your digital signature experience!

Learn more

Recruiting Settings tab

With this Update we didn’t only add the Settings tab to the Time off section, but also to Recruiting. Enjoy having all Recruiting-related functions in one convenient place!

Did you know?

You can add emojis to your time off types! This way, you can make your time off’s more individual and easier distinguishable. You can achieve this look with an easy keyboard combination:


  • Windows: WINDOWS + . or you can right click and go to Emoji

This is what your time off types will look like from now on!


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