Product Update - January 2022

Modified on Tue, 9 Aug, 2022 at 12:30 PM

Even though the champagne bottles are empty after the New Year's Eve celebrations, we would like to toast the beginning of the new year with you! Cheers!

Let's celebrate the good times with a series of product updates! Are you ready to discover all the great things we're kicking off the first month of the year with? Here they are!

Restrict Smart docs visibility

Now you can restrict what types of documents a user has access to. For example, you can give managers viewing access to their subordinate's documents, except for their payslips. Configure the access rules at Settings > Smart docs > Settings.

You can also disable, delete, and add multiple tags to the same document. This way, you can ensure that no documents go undetected when running your workflows and that you can filter all documents more effectively. 

:bulb:Add tags to your documents

Time off Requests based on minutes

Your employees can now request or submit their time off more accurately than ever! For hour-based time off types, they can enter the exact time of their absence so that not even a minute goes unnoticed!

New enhancements for Attendance

Allow entries in the future

The general rule of thumb is: hours worked, hours tracked. Yet, there may be times when your employees need to record hours that they've not yet worked (especially important if you are a consultant working on a client project). You can enable this option now by going to Settings > Attendance > Allow entries in the future

Export a PDF attendance report with a digital signature 

More transparency in our reports means fewer questions in the future. That's why your employees can now download a much improved monthly attendance report in PDF format, that is digitally signed by Kenjo. The digital signature will ensure government organizations that the document has come from Kenjo and hasn't been modified after the export. 

:bulb:Track Attendance

Improvements in Payroll usability

We've made a small but time-saving change to the payroll employee data table in People > Payroll: we've added a link that goes directly to your employee's profile! If you find that employee information is missing whilst reviewing the payroll, you can quickly jump into the employee's profile and update it before finalizing your payroll.

For hourly paid employees, there have also been some important updates to the calculations. For monthly payroll periods, admins can now decide if the system calculates the payroll salary based on tracked hours only or using tracked and expected hours. For variable payroll periods, the system calculates the sum of tracked hours from the start of the payroll period to the current date minus 1 day.

And last but not least... 

We already had SSO (Single Sign-On) via Google and Apple, and now we've opened the door to a new provider: Microsoft Azure! If you work with Outlook, your employees can now log in without creating additional usernames and passwords.

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