Kenjo gives you the opportunity to record the time in which your employees are working. 

To activate this function, go to People > Employee Profile > Personal > ENABLE ATTENDANCE TRACKING.


You can also activate this option directly when you create a new employee. Click on People > ADD EMPLOYEE and toggle the switch on next to Track attendance.


After activating this function, you and the employee will see an additional menu item in the profile of this employee:

Calculation of expected hours

The expected hours are based on your work schedule and your weekly hours. The weekly hours are distributed equally on each working day per week and then multiplied by the working days in each month.

For example, an employee with 24 weekly hours and a work schedule consisting of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, is expected to work 8 hours on each of the 3 days. In February this results in 96 expected hours; 3 x 8 x 4 = 96.

After enabling attendance tracking, the employee can enter their times based on these presence settings and the manager can approve them afterward. In addition, the employee receives an overview of the hours that he has worked and of any overtime accrued. 

Submit attendance periods

Enter the start and the end time of your working day, as well as any break. For a longer break, you could simply use 2 or more time slots per day via the + icon. You can also add a comment per time slot. Don't forget to save your data when everything is in place!

Copy and paste

You can also copy and paste attendance entries from past days as a way to quickly track time. 

  • Go to People > Employee Profile > Attendance
  • Hover your mouse on a time entry that has both start and end times. 
  • Click on the "Copy" button. 
  • Go to the time entry where you desire to paste the copied time entry. 
  • Click on the "Paste" button.


  • The "Paste" button is only available when you have already copied a time entry before
  • The "Copy" button will only appear in time entries that have both start and end times. The break time does not affect this

Learn how to use the attendance widget and submit your attendance by clicking here.

Hourly paid employees

To get the correct monthly salary for your hourly paid employees, our payroll combines the tracked hours per month with the entered hourly salary. As long as the current month is not closed, you will see a forecast based on the expected hours.

Export your timesheet

You can export the timesheet file by clicking on ACTIONS > Export, and choosing either Export to PDF or Export to Doc. The PDF version will have a digital signature certificate attached to it to make it valid for any authority. 

Approval of the tracking attendance by managers

The approval system for attendance is connected to the "Reports to" field. If you have subordinates, it is your responsibility to approve their attendance. Go to their Profiles > Attendance tab and click the "Approve" button next to the daily logs to approve one by one. Alternatively, you can approve all logs by clicking on the [...] icon on top and then use the option "Approve all".

Attendance summary

People > Attendance summary is where the users with permission can see the tracked hours weekly and monthly per employee. The data has different background colours and percents depending on the difference between the expected and tracked hours as follows: 

  • If the numbers match, green.
  • If there are more tracked hours than expected hours, yellow. 
  • If there are less tracked hours than expected hours, grey.

Managers can see only their subordinates' tracked hours.