Configure Work schedules

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Work schedules define the number of working days and hours of an employee in a company. 

Following are the two types of work schedules in Kenjo, 

  • Legacy work schedules: normally used in companies that have standard working days and hours 

e.g. companies that have 5 days work week, 40 hours/week

  • Work schedule templates : normally used in organizations that have multiple shifts, different working days 

e.g. Companies that have part-time employees (2.5 days work week, 20 hours/week) and Full-time employees (5 days work week, 40 days/week)

:rotating_light:Note: We recommend creating work schedule templates, even when your entire company follows more or less the same work days and hours. The reason is that eventually you may want to change an employee's work schedule.

Let's say, for example, that the employee, Anna, used to work Monday through Friday, and now she can only work Monday through Thursday. If you simply change her legacy work schedule, all of her previous attendance history will be affected. Whereas, if you only assign Anna to a work template that includes those four days of the week, Anna's attendance history will remain unaffected.


Legacy work schedules

When a Company is created under Settings > Company, the number of working days and hours are defined to be the legacy work schedule for the company. 

Custom legacy work schedules

To create a custom legacy work schedule for an employee, please follow the next steps: 

  • Under People > Directory > Choose an employee > Personal, navigate to the Work schedule section
  • Click on the Edit button
  • Make the changes to the working days and weekly hours based on the requirements
  • Click on Save schedule to update the changes


Work schedule templates

With work schedule templates, you can create a list of shift schedule templates that can be assigned to the employees based on their nature of work. 

To create a work schedule template, please refer to the Creating Work schedule templates article. 

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