Work schedules define the number of working days and hours of an employee in a company. 

Following are the two types of work schedules in Kenjo, 

  • Legacy work schedules - used in companies that have standard working days and hours 

e.g. companies that have 5 days work week, 40 hours/week

  • Work schedule templates - used in companies that have multiple shifts, different working days 

e.g. Companies that have part-time employees (2.5 days work week, 20 hours/week) and Full-time employees (5 days work week, 40 days/week)

Legacy work schedules

When a Company is created under Settings > Company, the number of working days and hours are defined to be the legacy work schedule for the company. 

Custom legacy work schedules

To create a custom legacy work schedule for an employee, please follow the next steps: 

  • Under People > Directory > Choose an employee > Personal, navigate to the Work schedule section
  • Click on the Edit button
  • Make the changes to the working days and weekly hours based on the requirements
  • Click on Save schedule to update the changes


Work schedule templates

With work schedule templates, you can create a list of shift schedule templates that can be assigned to the employees based on their nature of work. 

To create a work schedule template, please refer to the Creating Work schedule templates article.