New Hire Onboarding Checklist

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You know what they say about first impressions, right? Since you will never get a second chance to make a good one, it is better that you nail it! With Kenjo, you can make your new employees feel welcomed and appreciated, besides involving all related important roles in the onboarding process.

We have prepared a checklist for you to help you in your mission to spectacularly onboard your new employee!


We recommend you mark the following items after the new employee has signed his/her contract.

:white_check_mark:Configure or update the Welcome wizard

All your employees will receive an email and company description when you add them to Kenjo. The content of this email is on your Welcome Wizard. This is the very first communication employees will read from the platform, therefore, is extremely important that you are aware of its content and update it if needed. Go to Settings > Welcome Wizard and check or update the Invitation email message, the About the company section, and the People your new employee should know.

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:white_check_mark:Create the new employee's profile

After you have made sure that your Welcome wizard is perfect to go, you should then proceed to create a new employee on Kenjo. By this point, you might have already created several employee profiles in the past, but in case you need to fresh up your knowledge, check this article on how to create a new employee profile. 

Best practice:

It would be a good idea to notify and send tasks to all roles involved after you create the new employee account. You can establish a workflow for that:

  • Email Template:

Body of the email:


The account of your new hire {!userPersonal.displayName} has recently been created. The starting date of your hire is on {!userWork.startDate}. Do not forget to take care of all the tasks related to the onboarding process! 


Your HR Team

  • Workflow configuration

  • The action of the workflow (email alerts and tasks)

  • Other notifications and tasks:

:white_check_mark:Assign an Onboarding Buddy

Some companies have seen the value of bringing a dedicated current employee involved in the onboarding process of your new hire. These "buddies" help the new employee's transition which, in return, provide organizational context to the employee, boost productivity, and improve the new employee's satisfaction. 

Best Practice:

To let your current employee know that he has been assigned to be the best buddy of a new hire, you can create an automatic workflow. Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Create custom Employee fields
  • Go to Settings > Employee Fields > Work (Note: Remember that the Personal and Work areas are public for the whole company)
  • Click on (+) ADD CUSTOM FIELD, and add the field "Onboarding Buddy"

  • Step 2: Create a workflow to let the Onboarding Buddy know
    • Email Template:

Subject: You have been assigned as the Onboarding Buddy of {!runningUser.userPersonal.displayName}



We have amazing news! You have been assigned as the Onboarding Buddy of {!userPersonal.firstName}! Because of your outstanding performance and time in our company, we know that you will make our new member welcome!


Your HR Team

  • Workflow Configuration

  • The action of the workflow

  • Step 3: Assign Best Buddy to new employee
    • Go to the new hire's profile on People > Employee's Profile > Personal
    • On the field "Onboarding Buddy", write the email of the Onboarding Buddy.
    • On the field "New hire's Email", add the Best Buddy email

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:white_check_mark:Upload all corresponding documents

Most likely, there are documents that you want to share with your new hires, such as Company Guidelines or Kenjo's Employee Handbook. Therefore, do not forget to upload all corresponding documents to your Employee's new profile.

  • Go to Smart Docs > Employee docs
  • Click on the new employee's profile
  • Add documents that you wish to be visible for your new employee

Best practice: 

Do you have several employees working remotely or are you hiring someone overseas? No problem. You can send the contract and all related documents to your new hires with a digital signature request. Our digital signatures are compliant with all relevant GDPR policies so the signature will count as a natural one. 

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:white_check_mark:Assign Time off policies to the new employee

After your new employee has activated their account, you can start taking the following steps. First of all, do not forget to assign all the time off policies that will correspond to this employee. Check the contract to remember the conditions you agree to and follow the next steps:

  • Go to Time off > Company and find the name of your new employee
  • Scroll the bar to the right-hand side of the bar and click on the three dots
  • Assign the Time off policies by choosing from the menu

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:white_check_mark:Schedule an introductory meeting

Planning is key when it comes to onboarding. Once your new employee has activated his/her account, you will be able to schedule an introductory meeting to revise all the important policies, guidelines, documents.

  • Go to Meetings > (+) NEW MEETING
  • Add the name of the meeting (for example: *Name of the employee*, welcome to Kenjo!)
  • Choose the employee's department
  • Choose a template for the meeting. (Note: Below you will find how to create a template you can reuse)
  • Set a date for the meeting and a start time. (Note: This should be a one-time meeting)
  • Add your employee as a participant on the right-hand side of the screen
  • Add any new items to the meeting by clicking (+) ADD ITEM

Best Practice

You can save a template for your welcome meetings that you can reuse over and over again. Here is an idea on a template you can maybe use for your meetings! Just click on the three dots next to the meeting's name and click on Save as a template. For the next meetings, you will be able to use this same template.

Agenda inspiration items:

  • Introduction
  • Onboarding Budy
  • Onboarding Calendar
  • Working Schedules
  • Time off Policies
  • Office Policies
  • Hardware Safety
  • Data Protection Guidelines
  • Final Tasks

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We recommend that you do the following items on the day the employee starts

:white_check_mark:Change personal email to work email

When you created your new employee's profile and invited him/her to use Kenjo, you probably did so with the email address with which they applied to the job opening or they have been used to communicate with you. In case all your employees have a work email, it is important that you then replace the personal email address of the new employee with his/her work email. 

Note: If you change the work email, the user will need to sign in with the new work email, that is why we recommend doing this step a few days before the new employee's starting date.

  • Go to People > Employee's Profile
  • On the right-hand side of the screen, under Actions, click on CHANGE WORK EMAIL
  • Add the new work email address
  • Click SAVE

:white_check_mark:Add new tasks for the employee

There are some things that you might want that your employee completes as part of his/her onboarding process. They could be related to reading your Travel Policies or some other more fun like filling out their Profile description. Remind them on their first day of work by creating a workflow!

Best practice:

Create a workflow to be triggered on the starting date of your new employee with all the tasks that he/she has to do. 

  • Email template:

Body email:

Hello {!userPersonal.firstName},

We are so happy and excited to have you on board! In the next few days, you will receive a lot of information about your role, our company, and our internal processes. But do not worry, we are here to help you in the best possible way. While you slowly start getting used to everything, there are some things you can start already preparing. Click here to look at your first tasks.


Your HR Team
  • Workflow configuration:

  • Action for the workflow (tasks)


Introduce the new employee, giving him/her a Shoutout

Some of our customers have used the feature Shout-outs to introduce new employees into the company. Shout-outs are usually to recognize outstanding performance, but who says that starting a new job is already outstanding? Simply go to the new Employee's profile and click on GIVE A SHOUTOUT. Make sure you do so when your new hire has already updated his/her profile picture, so everyone can recognize him/her. The shoutout will appear on everyone's Home page. 

Use Announcements for a group of new hires

If you have more than one employee joining your company at the same time, you can create a small team called "New hires". That way you can personalize and manage all configurations and communications in a simpler matter. For example, as part of their onboarding process, you can add an announcement targeted only to this group. Follow the next steps:

  • To create a new team, go to Settings > My company > Teams and click on the (+) symbol.
  • Then, go to the profile of each of your new hires and add them to this new team.
  • Finally, create a new Announcement and, instead of posting it for everyone in the company, personalize your announcement to be visible only to this group. You can add here all documents that they will have to read in their first week.
  • Note: Make sure that you set cycles to constantly update the members of this team.

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