Manage Candidates' profiles

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Access the profile of the candidate you wish to manage through Recruiting > Candidates. From here you will have access to different functionalities grouped by tabs.



If you are the Admin of the Kenjo account or part of the hiring team, you will be able to see the information that the candidate will have added at the time of their application. If it has been a candidate that you have manually added to a position, here you can also edit the basic data or add attachments.

With a single click on the Review tab, you have all the relevant information about a candidate. You will see the open documents and you will be able to move the applicant to another phase with only one click.

You can navigate to the previous/next candidate using the Left/Right arrow keys respectively. Also, you can use the Esc key to close the Review tab. 

Towards the right top corner, you will find the option to review candidates from other stages.

The MOVE button is your shortcut to move the applicant to another phase. You can also use the pipeline for this. It allows you to move your applicants using drag & drop.


Here you can add your score for the candidate or see the score each member of the selection team has given, as well as the overall recommendation.

To rate the candidate, click SCORE.

A new window will appear where you can rate the candidate and leave your comments:


If you have already scored a candidate but change the scorecard for that position, you will have to do the process of scoring him or her one more time. This means that the score you have giving to a candidate will stay the same until you click SCORE again.

Moreover, a Scorecard cannot be deleted if it is being used in one or more positions. Even if you switch the Scorecard for the Position, and then delete the Scorecard you used, the scores still stay in the Candidate's profile. The new Scorecard will keep the "Overall Comments" and "Overall recommendation" score.


In the Emails tab, you can communicate with the candidate using his email address. To start, click on "Compose email" and if necessary choose a template or write a new message. If you don't want to send an email immediately, you can schedule it for later.

:information_source:Note: Remember that email templates for Recruitment are created in Settings > Email templates > (+) Create email template. It is important that in the menu on the left, where it says "Category", you choose "Recruitment".


Distribute work steps to all of your team members. Here you create new tasks, assign a deadline and select a person responsible for the specific work. By doing so, you always keep an overview of the progress of your process.

Activity feed

Since several people may be involved in the recruitment process, you need to have a record of the activity. This section will show who has done what in the candidate profile.  


Finally, when you see that a candidate is the right match for the role and the company, you can already create an offer. Click on New offer, write the message and attach the offer file. 

Hire, reject or remove applicants

To hire, reject or remove an applicant, click on the three dots at the top of the candidate card. Now, you can:

Convert a candidate to an employee

Have you found the perfect person for your job opening? Congratulations! This means that you will convert this candidate into an employee. In order to do so, go to the candidate profile and click on the three points. The option "Convert applicants to employees" will now appear. After you have selected this option, the system will lead you to an overview in which you can complete the data of your new employee. Your new colleague will now appear in your employee overview.

Reject candidate from a job opening

You can reject candidates that do not meet your expectations with one click in Kenjo. Select the "Reject applicant" option. You can find out how to automate a rejection email in the article on Recruiting Workflows.

Remove applicant from a job opening 

If the applicant is relevant in other job openings, please use this option.

Delete a candidate permanently 

If you want to delete a candidate completely, use this option. This means that all the candidates' data, including the documents, will be deleted even from the recruiting reports.

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