There are five ways to add new candidates to Kenjo: 


You can create a candidate by clicking on Recruiting > Candidates > (+) ADD NEW CANDIDATES

In the pop-up you will see the fields you created for the candidate in Settings > Recruiting > Settings > Candidate fields.


If you want to forward applications that were sent to your personal mailbox, you can send them directly to Kenjo by forwarding them to the address shown here. Afterward, a new applicant will be created automatically.

Steps to create email2candidate automatic forward.

  1. Find the email of your organization, this would be something like
  2. Follow these steps in case you want to create an automatic forwarding rule in your email server (example of Gmail server).
    1. Follow the steps described in this link:
    2. Be sure that you are the administrator of your email (otherwise a validation code would be sent, which is not a valid option for this scenario).
    3. Set the forwarding rule from settings.

To see the candidates created through this option go to Recruitment > Talent pools > Inbox.

Career page

Once your career site is published and open positions are activated, candidates can apply online. 

The Chrome Extension

To add profiles of potential candidates from social networks such as LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Behance, and Angellist, see this article: The Chrome Extension.


To configure the access of external agencies or headhunters with whom you collaborate, check this article: The Agency's portal in Kenjo.