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Your Career site or career page is your company's pitch to candidates: it is the perfect place to show jobseekers why your company is attractive and make the application process to open jobs as easy as possible. To design and customize all details for your career page, 

  • Activate the feature "Recruiting" in Settings > Recruiting.
  • Configure the career site settings in Settings > Recruiting > Settings > Career Site.

There are several ways to implement a career site in Kenjo. Click here if you want to find out the benefits, drawbacks and instructions of each of the possibilities we offer to implement your career site. Consider that the information of the article you are reading right now is only relevant if you have decided to create a career site with Kenjo subdomain. In other words, if you have decided for the Solution 1, explained here

Below, find the steps to set up the five different settings related to your career site.



This panel includes all the general settings for your career site. 

  • Career site activation: when you toggle on this option, your career site will become automatically live. This is the last step in the process of setting up your career site. Make sure that you have set everything up properly before activating this option. 

  • Hide 'All job openings' link: toggle on this option if you want to hide the link in the job openings and the application form that leads back to the Kenjo career page.

  • Career site subdomain: define here the domain your visitors would access to the career site. For example, ""

  • Language of your career site: select the default language in which the career site is displayed. 

  • Email to candidate: sometimes you or your employees might receive a direct application from a candidate to a personal mailbox. You can forward these candidates directly to Kenjo at the email address you establish here. Afterward, a new applicant will be created automatically. In order to create an automatic forwarding rule in your email server, please follow the instructions below, described by Google here.

  • Redirection of lost emails: select an email address to redirect the emails received from candidates that do not exist in Kenjo. 

Note: These "lost emails" usually happen when a deleted or archived candidate replies to an email you previously sent them. For example: let's say that you reject a candidate and sent him/her an email to notify him/her. After you delete or archive the candidate, he or she replies to your email. As the candidate's profile does not exist in Kenjo any more, the system will not be able to match it. Therefore, the system will send it automatically to the email address you establish in this field.

  • Careers site info: here you can include information that will be shown when sharing job openings on social networks. Improve your branding and SEO by adding:
    • Title for career site, for example: Join us at Kenjo!
    • Company name
    • Brief company description


After entering all of these details, click SAVE and proceed with the next steps.

 Logo and Favicon

Here is where you can personalize your Career site by adding a Logo, a Favicon, and a Hero Image:

  • Company logo: Click on (+) COMPANY LOGO to add your logo. Make sure your logo is in PNG format and with a transparent background.

  • Favicon: Click on (+) COMPANY FAVICON to add a favicon. This is a small icon that helps visitors locate your page easier when they have multiple tabs open. You can add your company's favicon with the preferable size of 32x32 pixels and in PNG format.

  • Hero image: Click on (+) HERO IMAGE  to add a hero image. This is the banner image that will appear at the top of your career site. It serves, so the candidates can get the first glimpse of your company and job openings. As it will usually extend full-width, make sure your image has a proper size. The ideal size for a full-screen hero image is 1,200 pixels wide with a 16:9 aspect ratio. For a banner hero image, the ideal size is 1600 x 500 pixels.

  • Brand colour: add here your brand colour code so the buttons and links on your career site comply to your brand guidelines.

  • Hero background-color: in case you do not have a Hero image, you can add a background colour.

Once you have configured the appearance of your career site, click on SAVE

Note:  At the moment, we only support these image formats: png, jpg, jpeg, SVG, and gif. If a user uploads a different format for the company logo or his photo, for example, the image won't be shown.

As a summary, here are the recommended sizes for the images you will add to this section:

  • Company logo: 250 px (width) by 100 px (height)
  • Hero image: 1600 px by 500 px
  • Header: width of 1024px
  • Employee picture: 256 px by 256 px

Company links

In the Company links panel, you can store all URLs where candidates will find information about your company and job openings. For example, you can add here the links to your social media channels. Remember to also add the link to your company's data protection declaration homepage here. 

Once you have added all the links, click on SAVE

Privacy Policy

Receiving consent from the candidates that apply to your open positions is a cornerstone of becoming more GDPR-compliant. Here you can customize all information related to your privacy policy.

  • Company Link: you can provide candidates with more information about how you handle their data by adding the link here to your current privacy policy.
  • Privacy Policy: here you can add a text that will be shown in all your job positions related to your privacy policy.
  • Consent: Choose whether candidates need to give manual consent to your company's privacy policy, or if the option is granted by default. 

This is an example of what it may look like when a candidate applies:

Career site builder


In this section, you can use the modular principle to design your personal company page according to your wishes and ideas. Visit the article: Create your caeer site with the Career site builder, to learn how to create your own career site using Kenjo.


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