Create your career site with Kenjo's Career builder

Modified on Tue, 16 Aug 2022 at 01:47 PM

Kenjo allows you to customize your candidates' full experience on your career site. Go to Settings > Recruiting > Settings > Career builder. You can use the modular principle to design your page according to your preferences and ideas. 

Kenjo offers you different modules or components you can customize.

Components of the career builder


Click on Header to insert the company logo you previously saved on Kenjo. The logo will appear on the upper right side of the screen.


Click on Footer to add your company links to the lower side of your career site. These will only appear if you have entered your company URLs in the Company Links panel.

Note: The size of the header and footer images is the following:

Active positions: 

This module creates a list view with all job advertisements that you have set to "active". A message will appear with the option to group your job openings in order to make it easier for candidates to find a matching job. Toggle on the option Enable job opening grouping, to choose how you want your job openings to be grouped. You can group your job openings by department, office, company, job opening type, or keep it alphabetically. 

In our example, we have chosen to group the job openings by Office. This is how it might look:


With the Hero module, you can upload an image to which you can assign as a heading or subheading. Click on the icon Select image, and select or drop the image you want to upload:

Your Hero may look like this: 



Click on the item Text > Insert text here in order to add text to your career page.

Once you have added text, double click on the written text so you can change the font and shape:


With the Image module, you have the chance to upload an image file, which will then be adapted to the full-screen size. Click on the icon Select image, and select or drop the image you want to upload:

Image gallery: 

Click on the Image gallery item, f you would like to display several pictures side by side, for example, from your office or your team. Click on the (+) button, and select or drop the images you want to upload:


If you want to give candidates insights into your team, you can add some or all team members individually by clicking on the Team module. 

As an option, you can add the name and the role under the picture of the team member you have just added:

YouTube Video: 

You can add the URL of a YouTube video on your career page by clicking on the item YouTube Video and then Save.


Custom HTML: 

Finally, you have the option to add the Custom HTML block and use the editor to further customize your page. Please note that Javascript is not accepted here.

Arrangement and processing of the blocks:

Each component has the same configuration on the left side. You will have different icons you can click to perform different actions for each component:

  • Arrows: to move any component up or down
  • Configuration icon: to add padding and color. You can adjust the padding on the top, bottom, right, and left. You can also change the color of the text and the background color
  • Bin icon: to remove the component

Once everything is finished, click save changes.

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