Product Update - May 2021

Modified on Thu, 11 Nov 2021 at 03:20 PM

Welcome to your monthly update by Kenjo! We hear your needs closely and we deliver accordingly. This month we have focused on three main areas of Kenjo: Attendance, Performance Review, and Recruiting. Our main goal was to help you promote a healthy work-life balance at your workplace, improve even more your employees' experience with their performance reviews, and enhance the organization, management, and analysis of your recruiting process. In consequence, you will find 11 new updates to help you do exactly that!

We want to stay with you every step of the way. That's why, in addition to these updates, we have created new articles that will help you understand exactly how to use, adapt, and escalate the new releases for the different features on Kenjo. Just click on the article link at the bottom of each update and follow the instructions. In no time, you will be ahead of the curve!

⏱️ Attendance 

  • Time limits and reminders: You can now determine the maximum length of employee shifts and the maximum number of hours they can track on a single day. You can also remind employees to enter break time if their shifts exceed a certain length. All of these measures help keep records accurate and encourage employees to take care of themselves, preventing fatigue and increasing concentration.

:bulb:Help: Set Attendance's time limits & reminders

  • Copy and paste Attendance entries: we have added a much faster way to log attendance - on the attendance tracking page, simply copy an entry from a previous day and paste it in today's slot. 

:bulb: Help: Tracking Attendance

  • Have Attendance entries been approved? In March we added the option to approve attendance entries in bulk from the Attendance Summary page. However, it wasn’t possible to see which entries had already been approved. In this release, we’ve added a Status column so you can easily identify which attendance entries have been approved and which haven’t. You can see approval status by month or by week, and we’ve also added the option to bulk approve Attendance by week.

:bulb: Help: View Attendance summary

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Performance Review

  • In-app notifications for Performance Review: From now on, all tasks and to-dos generated by your Performance Review processes will create a notification in the Notifications area. Clicking the Open icon will lead you to your Performance > To-Dos page. 

:bulb: Help: Write a Performance Review

  • Export results: You can collect invaluable insights through your Performance Review processes. In this release, we’ve added an export function so you can access the raw data and analyze it in any way you want. 

:bulb: Help: Analyze the results of Performance reviews

  • Permissions for Performance Review: We have developed a new set of Permissions so you can decide who should be able to create, view, edit or delete Performance Reviews, and control who has access to the results. 

:bulb:Help: Manage permissions for Performance reviews

  • Customize Overall rating: Every Performance Review questionnaire includes an Overall rating scale from 1 to 5. You have now the option to edit the text for these different ratings to accommodate your needs in each specific Performance Review process. 

:bulb: Help: Create a Performance review


  • New Inbox tab: We've awakened the Inbox from its slumber amidst the talent pools and moved it to its own tab. The Inbox now serves as a central area for new incoming emails. You can reply to the emails directly from this tab, view attachments, and assign applicants to the right jobs! 

:bulb:Help: Manage Candidates' Inbox

  • Delete Candidates' identities but keep relevant data: In order to be fully GDPR compliant, Candidate records need to be removed periodically, depending on local regulations. Until today, this meant that your deleted Candidates would stop showing up in your reports. With our new function Anonymize data, we’ve given you a way to remove all personally identifiable information from your Candidates while keeping your reports accurate.

:bulb:Help: Delete Candidates' Data

  • New and improved Widgets for the Overview page: The Overview page in our Recruiting module just became much more useful. With our two new widgets New emails and Activity feed, you’ll have a better understanding of all the activity in your recruiting processes at a glance. 

:bulb:Help: Understand Recruiting widgets

  • Group job openings on Career site: With the option to group your job openings, you can make your Career site neater and easier to use. Group openings alphabetically, by company, department, office, or type. We’ve also added a search bar so candidates can find relevant job openings even faster.

:bulb: Help: Understand Career builder

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