Analyze the results of Performance reviews

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Performance reviews are an invaluable source of information, as they provide you with insights about an employee's skill set and track their development over time. 

Kenjo offers you two powerful tools to help you understand and compare the results of all your reviews: the tabs Results and Compare. You are able to view results and compare them in two different views:

  • For all reviews
  • For individual reviews


View of Results and Compare tabs for all reviews

The "Results" general tab

Go to Performance review > ResultsHere you will find a heatmap visualization showing all employees and their average scores in each category of the reviews they’ve been part of. 

Click on SHOW FILTERS to see all the filters you can choose from to customize the view of your results. You can also save the View by clicking on SAVE VIEW

You will find a row and a column titled "Overall score"

  • The Overall score of each row is the average of each scored employee from the linear scale questions. Note: It only takes into account the results of the categories where each employee has been scored. In case an employee has not received a score on a category, the cell will show "n/a" (not applicable).
  • The Overall score of every column shows the average of all the scored employees within a category.


  • The percentages in the results reflect the responses that have been given to linear scale questions (e.g. 3 out of 10 = 30%). These results are shown in percentages so that it becomes easier to compare different sets of results. So, for example, a 3 in a 5-point-scale and a 4 in a 7-point-scale both translate into 50% as they are both the middle option in that scale.

The "Compare" general tab

Go to Performance Review > Compare. Here you can find the Timeline and radar charts, which will give you more context about the results of the reviews.

With the Timeline chart, you can track the development of scores over time. You can filter the results you want to compare according to the category, the reviewer, the time range. 

  • Search for employees you want to compare (in the example below, these are Carolyn James and Alan Rickman)
  • Select the company they belong to (in the example below, the company is Addas Inc)

Just below the Timeline chart, you will find the Radar chart, where you can also compare the results of individual employees or company segments according, but this time, according to the different categories:

View of Results and Compare tabs for individual reviews

In addition, you can see the Results and Compare tabs on an individual cycle basis. Go to Performance review > Reviews, and select a specific review. 

On the right side of the screen, click on the Results or Compare tab.

The "Results" review detail tab

Here, the heatmap visualization will include a Filter for types of reviews (Direct report, manager, peer, or self).

Just as before, you will find a row and a column titled "Overall score" that will show the average score of each employee (row) and the average score of all the scored employees within a category (column).

You can also filter the categories you want to see by clicking on the three lines next to the Name:

Toggle on and off the categories, you want to view:

The "Compare" review detail tab

The Compare section will allow you to compare employees according to the average of the company and against each other. 

Export the results of all reviews as an Excel file

You can retrieve the data of a performance review and save it in an xlsx file. The file will have the responses of all the participants. If the performance review is anonymous for some reviewers, the exported data will also be anonymous as well.


  • Only users who have ‘View all feedback’ permission enabled can export the performance review
  • To export the results, the performance review must have the status of "completed"

Export and print the results of individual reviews as a PDF file

You can also print individual reviews and bring them with your 1:1 meetings with your employees. 

  • Go to Performance review > Results 
  • Choose one of the employees listed and click on View

  • The results of that specific employee will appear on the screen

  • Click on Export

  • A new PDF file will be automatically downloaded

  • Open the PDF file to print the document

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