If an employee leaves the company or you have created a profile by mistake, you can of course delete it.

Follow the steps below to delete an employee:

  • Go to the item People in the left menu bar
  • Click on the Employee profile you would like to delete
  • Go to the Personal page of the employee profile
  • Click Deactivate Employee on the right corner under Actions
  • Accept the popup dialog to deactivate an employee

  • Once you deactivate an employee, you will see an option to delete an employee. Click Delete Employee under Actions 

  • Accept the popup dialog to delete an employee


  • Once you deactivate an employee, he/she won't be able to access to your organization anymore and you will not be charged for this account.
  • The employee profile will never appear in reports or search results except in some functionalities as listed below:

Module NameComponents
GoalsExisting goals related to the  employee
MeetingsPast meetings related to the employee
Smart docs
  • Company docs uploaded by the employee
  • Templates created by the employee
  • Imports (Files for other employees) performed by the employee
Project time trackerExisting projects related to the employee
Shout-outsPast Shout-outs and reactions from the employee
  • Candidate - Task owners, Task creators, and Comments related to the employee
  • Scorecard - Values, and Comments provided by the employee
  • Emails - Emails that were sent to that employee
Pulse/FeedsFeedback/Surveys provided by the employee (anonymous & non-anonymous)