Under the menu item People, you can easily add new employees by using the [+] button. 

Then a window will open in which you can enter the employee's basic information. You can change or add them at any time if you don't have all the data at hand. 

Below we describe some of the most relevant fields

  • Work email (required): Enter the employee's business email address here. The employee receives an invitation to activate his Kenjo account via email. Please note that the login link is only valid for 72 hours due to security reasons. If in that time the employee has not activated his account, you must go to his profile and click on the option "Activate user" so that he will receive an email with an updated invitation again.

  • Company (required): If you manage several companies in Kenjo, you can assign the employee to the corresponding company here. This information is useful for the payroll, for the reports, and for the view in the org chart. This is also important in the authorizations if the employees are only to see the colleagues in their company. 

  • Office (optional): If your company has several offices, you can assign your new employee to his office here. If your company has no other offices, you can leave this field free. 

  • Department (optional)Enter the department in which your new employee works. 

  • Job title (optional)Enter the job title of your new employee here.

  • Profile (optional)Assign the employee a profile in Kenjo here. More detailed information can be found in the article Profiles and permissions.

  • Start date (optional)Enter the entry date of your new employee here. If the employee is already working in your company, you can also enter a date in the past here. 

  • Reports into: Select your new employee's manager here. This selection affects, among other things, the display in the org chart and the approval process for absences. 

  • Gender (optional)Enter the gender of your new employee here.

  • Language (optional)Select the language of your new employee here. His Kenjo profile is displayed in this language. The employee can change this setting himself at any time. 

Now select the employee's working days by clicking on individual days. If the days are highlighted in green, this means that the employee works on those days. This has an impact on attendance and Time offs. Also, determine whether this employee should track their working hours via Kenjo. 


Now you can add a personnel number for the employee and click on add employee to create a new employee. 


As soon as you added your employees, they will immediately receive an invitation email to their Kenjo account. You can find out how to design this mail individually in the article Welcome wizard(link).


As soon as the employee has registered, he will appear in your overview as an active employee. 


Now the employee and you can complete the remaining data in his profile. You can find instructions on how to edit employee data in the article editing employee profiles.