Enable and calculate Overtime compensation

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The overtime compensation feature gives you an option to configure, track, manage, and compensate the overtime your employees accrue over a time period. As an admin, you can also manually Adjust the overtime balance, convert the overtime to time off, or payout overtime to an employee.


Activating Overtime compensation

To activate the overtime compensation, follow the next steps:

  • Go to Settings > Attendance > Settings
  • Under General > Overtime compensation, toggle the Activate overtime compensation button to enable the tracking 

Enabling Overtime tracking for the employees

Once the Overtime compensation is activated, you can select the employees for whom you want the overtime to be tracked.

  • Click on Edit Compensation Summary
  • Select the employees for whom you would like to edit overtime compensation settings. You can also select all the employees by clicking the checkbox on the row header
  • Click the Settings button to set up the overtime compensation settings for the selected employees
  • Click Confirm to save the changes

Overtime compensation settings

Following are the overtime compensation settings that need to be set up for each employee:

  • Track Overtime: Activate the toggle button to enable overtime tracking for the selected employees.

  • Calculate Since: Starting from this date, the difference between tracked hours and expected hours will be counted as overtime. If left empty, the overtime hours are tracked from the date of joining (under the assumption that Attendance tracking has been active for this employee). Note: You can only pick a date within the last 1 year from the current date.

  • Transfer to next month: If active, uncompensated overtime will be carried over from one month to the next. You can only transfer overtime accumulated over the past 1 year from the current date. NoteIf the field Calculate since is empty, the system automatically fills the start of the current month once this setting is activated.

  • Allow Undertime: If active, hours that were expected but not tracked (fulfilled) will be subtracted from the total overtime balance. If there are fewer hours tracked than expected, the result will be negative. 
    Total overtime balance = starting balance + tracked hours - expected hours.

  • Waiver: If a certain amount of overtime should be waived per day, week, or month, please specify it there.
        Example: Waiver set to 1 hour, 8 expected hours per day, 11 tracked hours
                        Overtime calculation: 11 - 8 - 1 = 2 hours
    Note: The minimum value you can set for a waiver is 15 minutes.

Updating the settings will trigger a recalculation of overtime for the selected employees. Their overtime will be recalculated the night of your recalculation according to the new settings. The calculation is performed at night so that it doesn’t impact the app’s performance. 

You will not be able to make any additional changes until the recalculation is completed. 

Instant Recalculation of an employee's  overtime

To trigger overtime recalculation, follow the next steps: 

  • Under People > Select an employee > Attendance, click the Details button under Overtime
  • Click Recalculate to trigger overtime recalculation for the employee

View Overtime summary for a single employee

To view the overtime summary of an individual employee, follow the next steps:

  • Under People > Select an employee > Attendance, you can view the Attendance summary of a specific employee in your organization
  • In the Monthly view, click Details beside the Overtime section
  • Here you can view the complete Overtime details of that employee

The following information will be shown in this window:

  • Starting balance - number of overtime hours at the beginning of a month 
  • Overtime in the month - the difference between the tracked and expected hours in the chosen month (could be different if a waiver is applied)
  • Compensated in the month - number of hours compensated by paying out or providing time off
  • Current balance - total uncompensated over time (in hours) at the end of the month
  • In the table, you will be shown the Date, Overtime earned, and Overtime balance on each date
  • Enabled functions - details of functions enabled under the Overtime compensation module

Note: Time entries that have 0 expected hours and 0 tracked hours will not appear in this table.

Under Monthly view:

  • Click the or > buttons to navigate between different months
  • Click on the Month to open a dialog box in which you can navigate to a different year or month easily

More information:

To adjust the overtime balance of your employees, refer to the article:

To compensate the overtime balance of your employees in the form of time off or payout, refer to the following articles: 

To view the overtime summary of the whole company, refer to the article:

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