Enable Attendance tracking

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Attendance tracking allows your employees to track their start time, end time, and breaks via mobile or desktop. 


Note: Check out this video about Attendance and work schedules in Kenjo for a more detailed explanation and visualisation!

Enable attendance for the company

To start using this feature, enable the Attendance module under Settings > Features > Attendance by clicking the toggle button to the right.

Enable attendance for employees 

Once Attendance is enabled, you can activate this function for a single employee in Employee Profile > Personal > ENABLE ATTENDANCE TRACKING.

 You can also activate this option directly when you create a new employee. Visit this article for more information.

After activating this function for your employees, you and they will see an additional tab in their profile called "Attendance":

Use the attendance tracking console to conduct changes in bulk

Under Attendance > Settings > Attendance tracking you can see the status for all your employees. 

Filter by 

  • Policy name
  • Attendance tracking status
  • Office
  • Department

You can select one or multiple employees via the checkbox to conduct changes. Once you selected the employees you can click on ACTIONS to change the attendance tracking status.

Enable attendance management tabs

To better track your employees' attendance, you can enable the tab Attendance summary and the tab Who's checked in?

Attendance summary

To enable the Attendance summary tab, go to Settings > Attendance > Settings, and in "Enable Attendance summary, toggle the button to the right.

Restricted Check in

To prevent checking in before the start of work hours you can decide whether employees can only check in at the start of their work period, or set a grace period (e.g., employees can check in 30 minutes before the start of work).

Who's checked in?

To enable the Who's checked in? tab, go to Settings > Attendance > Overview and in Enable Who's checked in?, toggle the button to the right.

Once you enable this option, the option Late check-in range will appear. Here you can determine how late to their scheduled shift or working hours can an employee will be able to check in. 

If these options are enabled, you will see them as new taps in People.

Attendance Categories

With the Attendance Categories employees will be able to choose categories for their attendance entries.To enable Attendance Categories go to Settings > Attendance > Categories. Click on CATEGORIES ACTIVATION. 

You can create your own categories and subcategories for your employees.

You can create custom categories for specific employees.

Note: The categories without any subcategory will be selectable when tracking the attendance. However, if a category has subcategories, that category won't be selectable, so the employees would have to select a subcategory of that parent category instead.

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