Attendance policy migration

Modified on Wed, 29 Nov 2023 at 10:14 PM

In this article we want to provide you with a quick overview about what will be changed with the introduction and latest release of the Attendance Policies. To find out more about the attendance policies, please have a look at this article

Why are we changing the attendance policies? With this new evolution of attendance related configurations, attendance policies will be your place to go. This upgrade will bring more flexibility into your configuration of attendance settings for different groups of employees.

To create this, we combined existing settings from other places in Kenjo into the attendance policy features. The following graphic will explain you what happened with each of them, but to make it simple: You will find them all in the attendance policy settings under Attendance > Settings > Attendance Policies.

Don’t worry! Kenjo will take care of the migration of all those settings into policies. However, please bear into account that after the release you will find different policies with names like “Migration Policy 1, Migration Policy 2, …” and their respective users assigned. Employees will be grouped into policies based on their current setup.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can also edit the Policy Name or reassign the employees as you deem fit (learn more)

Compare old and new settings

Let’s go one by one:

Old Settings

New Settings


Profiles & Permissions

  • Activate/Deactivate Edit my own Attendance

  • Activate/Deactivate Only use punch clock

  • Activate/Deactivate Only use API

All those functionalities will be driven by the configuration of the time tracking methods selected on the respective Policy.

As with the introduction of attendance policies you can create multiple policies, you can also now differentiate those settings with the policies for different user groups. No need to go to the profiles settings to set this up. 

Note: The Profile & Permission settings will still need to be configured if you want to configure the behavior for managers and their subordinates.

Kiosk Policies

All those functionalities will be driven by the configuration of the time tracking methods selected on the respective Policy.

The behavior and configuration will stay the same. The permission to prevent employees from editing their time sheet will be possible through the deactivation of the time tracking method Time sheet management

Home Widget

  • Settings punch clock vs. manual entry

This setting was removed. It will be tied to the selected time tracking method.


Default Limits & Reminders + Work Schedules Limits & Reminders

You will find the respective settings under Attendance Policies 

  • Shift Rules

  • Reminder

  • Permissions

The old settings were removed and are now configurable in the attendance policies. 

Please note that we removed the setting of Maximum shift length entirely. With the new attendance policies you will be able to set multiple break rules, which will make the control over the shift length and shift structure more accurate and compliant with the law.

If you were using this limit to establish maximum hours per day, you can always use the existing Maximum hours per day.


Activating location tracking in the new attendance policies.

However you will still need to add the respective location under Attendance > Settings > Geolocation.

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