Upcoming time off improvements

Modified on Fri, 28 Oct 2022 at 02:06 PM

As you may have heard by now, we are planning to release several improvements in our time off feature. For this reason, we have prepared this article for you to give you more transparency about this process.

Why are we improving time off?

At Kenjo we have growth to operate in different countries, and even continents, which have their own specific regulations when it comes to time off policies. We made sure that we learned as much as possible from your feedback, and now it's time to translate these learnings into a new set of improvements for you.

Additionally, we recognize that the end of the year is a particularly stressful time for you as an HR professional – there are a number of details to consider in order to end the year on the right foot, and sometimes this requires you to do additional manual work.

These enhancements in our time off feature will not only be tailored to the specific needs of your country, but are also intended to make the process of creating time off policies and adjusting your balance much smoother, easier and automatic, so that by the end of 2022, you can focus on what matters most to you!

How will these improvements benefit me?

With upcoming releases, we'll keep you updated on all the details regarding the new ways to configure, request, and manage time off policies. However, we wanted to warn you so that you are not taken by surprise. Some of the new enhancements will be, 

  • New policy creation wizard to give you greater flexibility in how you configure your policies. Decide your rules for; proration, accruals, extra allowance rules, carry overrules and many more! 
  • No more end of year time off management hassle. The balances for the new cycle will now automatically change if you approve, change or create a request in the past cycle. This will remove the need to make manual adjustments. 
  • Bulk assignment and reassignment of policies, saving many hours in policy management 

When will the new improvements be released? 

Our First Release: After the first release, many things will have changed in the back-end of our software to ensure that consecutive phases run smoothly. The back-end changes should not be noticeable to you, you should just have a slight feeling that the feature is working faster than before. However, the changes that will be most obvious to you will be those related to the creation of time off policies –you will notice more flexibility and freedom to adapt your policies to your needs and avoid additional manual work in the future. 

Continuous improvements: After our first release, we will continue to bring new time off improvements for the next months. We will listen to any questions and suggestions, and you will see more and more improvements in the design of this new feature.

Who will be affected? 

All Kenjo users will be affected by these changes, which means your employees will also see a different layout for requesting or submitting time off in the future. But do not worry, we will ensure that these changes are communicated to you in a timely manner, as well as provide you with new employee handbooks and other support materials to train yourself and your employees.

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