Take carryover days before expiration day

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As per law in your country, your employees might have the possibility to carry forward any annual leave they haven't taken in one year into the next. When you created your time off policies at Kenjo, you had to select if you allow employees to carry unused paid-time-off days from one year into the next. You also had to choose a deadline to take those days off.

:rotating_light:After the carryover deadline you have established, Kenjo will automatically return all carryover balances to zero. Therefore, it is extremely important that you remind your employees to take, approve, and process all carryover days no longer than the expiration date.



For example:

You might have established a maximum of 23 days of accrued and unused vacation time from last year to carry over until the 31st of March of the following year. This means that:

  • Your employees need to request the carryover days before the 31st of March
  • Your managers need to approve the requests before the 31st of March
  • Your employees need to use those days before the 31st of March

What should I do?


Step 1: Check your current configuration


To make sure you share the right information about the carryover configurations you have set for your previous cycle, follow the next steps:

  • Go to Settings > Time off > Settings and click on any of your time off types and policies to check if they include carryover days. This is usually only concerning vacation time.

  • On those time-off policies that have carryover days, click on the three dots to check the details.

  • Under Advanced options > Carry over to next year, check the carryover limit date and days.

Step 2: Create a timely reminder to your employees


Besides using any internal communication tool that you currently have in your company, you can also use Kenjo's Announcement feature to reinforce the message to your employees.


Go to Home > Announcement. Add a description as the following and set a date when you want your post to be visible. Here is a real-life example:

Example text:



We would like to remind you that you have a maximum of *X* unused vacation time from last year to be taken before *date*. After this date, you will not be allowed to use your carryover days, even when they have been approved by your manager. 

Please submit all your remaining leave from 2021 by *a date that allows your employees enough time to take all possible carryover days*.

For managers only: process all time off requests before *date*


Thank you,


Your HR team


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