The Kenjo End of Year Checklist

Modified on Mon, 18 Dec, 2023 at 9:25 PM

The end of the year is coming up! These are times for important things, such as sharing with the family, taking some rest, or reflecting on experiences from the past and new goals. However, to leave room for what matters, there are some things regarding your processes in the company that you need to take care of first.


We have prepared a list of best practices, so nothing escapes you! Make sure you follow this advice before the last day of the cycle.


:white_check_mark:All employees should request the holidays they wish to take

Before the cycle ends, all your employees should request the holidays they wish to take in the current cycle, so no changes need to be done in the past. And speaking about requests, we suggest that this is also a good opportunity to remind your employees about your holiday time off policy and carryover days. 

To make sure you share the right information about the carryover configurations you have set for the current cycle, follow the next steps:

  • Go to Time off > Settings and select any of the time off types to check the carryover days.
  • On those time-off policies that have carryover days, click on the three dots to check the details.
  • Under Policy settings > Balance, check the date until the carryover is set, and the max days you have allowed your employees to take.

Note: If you would like to modify this configuration before the year ends, remember that changes to policies may have an impact on active employees in this cycle.

Best practice:

You can also use Kenjo's Announcement feature to remind your employees about time-off requests and policies.

  • Announcement

Go to Home > Announcement. Add a description as the following and set a date when you want your post to be visible. Here is an example:

Example text:


We are on the final stretch of this year. Do you have any holiday time-off left that you want to spend this year? Please try to use all you time off for this year BEFORE *DATE THAT THE CYCLE ENDS*.

We would also like to remind you that you have a maximum of XXX carry-over days per year, and you can only spend them until XXX of the consecutive year. 

So if you haven’t done so, it’s time to plan some holidays! Request them in Kenjo by going to Time off > Vacation policy > REQUEST.


Your HR Team

:white_check_mark:Add custom holidays in calendars for next year

Go to Settings > Calendars. Check the calendars again and add the new custom holidays for the next year. Remember that your Custom Holidays are not automatically renewed for the consecutive year so make sure you repeat this process for all calendars you have.

Best practice:

You can create a workflow that will remind you of this process:

  • Email template:

Body of the email:


The end of the year is coming. Remember to update your custom holidays before it ends! Click here to add the new custom holidays. 


Your HR Team

  • Workflow configuration:

  • Action for the workflow:

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:white_check_mark:Assign Time off policies for next year

Do you have new policies for next year? Remember that you need to assign those to your employees. Go to Settings > Time-off and select any policy in order to assign it massively through the Manage Employees feature.

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:white_check_mark:Check current policy settings

Remember that through 2023, we've introduced a lot of new features to the policy options, and that many of them impact the transition to a new cycle. We strongly recommend that you review your policy settings of your major time-off policies, specially regarding Proration rules.

Please review that these settings are correct, in particular regarding the Proration based on the employee's work schedule.

:white_check_mark:Check recurrent Workflows

You might have established recurrent workflows throughout the year. Remember that a Recurrent workflow repeats itself every year without requiring you to set up anything. Therefore, it is a good idea to check if you want these workflows to be triggered this upcoming year too. Go to Settings > Workflows, and check the list of workflows. Those with the Object Recurrent Workflow are the ones to have special attention to.

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