In order to display attendance and time off´s and to calculate vacation days correctly, you have to create all the calendars which are relevant for your company once. 

  1. Go to Settings > Calendar
  2. Check the created calendars again and enter bank holidays (Christmas, New Year´s Eve, etc.) if necessary.
  3. Add the "Name for the template" and select the country where your office is located.

In the case that the template does not show holidays from the cities or regions where your office is located you can add them to the template by clicking on the option [+] Add a custom holiday. These custom holidays should be added every year.


Add one template per office located in a different city or region.

Now go to the My Company > “Attach calendar” section and add the corresponding calendar.  


Adjust these settings also in the Offices > Select the office and attach the calendar, so that locations in other federal states are displayed correctly with attendances and absences.