Product Update - May 2023

Modified on Tue, 06 Jun 2023 at 12:10 PM

Summer vibes are in full swing as we unveil our sizzling hot product update! Get ready to dive into a pool of exciting new features and enhancements that will make your summer unforgettable. Grab your sunglasses and check out what's in store for you! 

Shiftplan: generate a printable PDF

We understand the importance of having a physical copy of your team’s Shiftplan always available at your workplace. Previously, this feature was unavailable in our Shiftplan tool. But times have changed! Introducing our latest addition: simply navigate to Shiftplan > Actions within the desired week, and with a click on Generate PDF, you can now create a printable version of your shiftplan in either portrait or landscape view. The PDF includes comprehensive details such as employee shift times, roles, and even time-off schedules for the week. You can also customise the printout by applying filters for specific employees or locations. 

Note: This functionality is currently a BETA version and limited to generating PDFs for open and scheduled shifts, both published and unpublished. We're continuously developing this feature to provide more customization options tailored to your needs. So let us know your feedback and stay tuned for exciting updates!

Time off: Processing previous cycle events in the current cycle 

Employees now have the flexibility to request and cancel time off events in the past cycle. If carryover is enabled, the balances in the current cycle will be automatically updated accordingly. Furthermore, managers have the capability to accept, modify, or decline requests from the last cycle, and our system will automatically recalculate the balances.. This means that you no longer need to make any manual changes for last minute changes to the time off after the cycle has finished. 

Digital Signature

Listen up, LATAM  - this one is a special feature for you! We are introducing the function to bulk request a digital signature on payslips. Managing digital signatures on payslips can be a time-consuming task, especially for companies with a large workforce. With our new solution you can request multiple digital signatures at once, significantly reducing the time and effort required when importing payslips. With this feature you can now:

  • Import documents through Smart docs > Import and use a single checkbox that will select all assigned documents to be sent for digital signature.

  • When a document being imported matches more than one employee, you can see who the possible matching employees are or select another from the list of all employees.

So, say goodbye to the hassle of individually signing each document or chasing down employees for their signatures! This feature streamlines the workflow, improves efficiency, and ensures accurate and secure handling of payslips. 

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We're thrilled to announce an exciting transformation in the Tasks function within Kenjo! Previously, Tasks served as a "passive" feature, acting as a repository for tasks generated from other Kenjo features (recruiting, workflows or meetings). However, we've given Tasks a major upgrade to offer greater flexibility. Now, Admins, HR Admins, and Recruiters can create, assign, and delete tasks for anyone in the company, all within the Task feature. 

We've also enhanced the design with improved filters and added delightful animations, like the satisfying feeling of marking a task as done. 

New DATEV Validations for enhanced payroll preparation efficiency

We have added validations for all DATEV financial attributes to the DATEV preview screen. Early customer feedback highlights the significant benefits these validations bring to the HR team during payroll preparation, saving valuable time. So now, if an employee enters an incorrect IBAN or tax number for example,  we will warn you in the preview screen and help you correct the mistake before downloading the DATEV file.    

Building upon this, we will be rolling out 20 more validations over the next week. These enhancements aim to further optimise the payroll process, delivering increased payroll accuracy and efficiency for the HR and finance teams.

Navigation change: Project Time tracker & Analytics

Exciting news! In our latest update, we've seamlessly integrated the Project time tracker and Analytics settings into their respective tools, making it incredibly convenient to access and manage your preferences. Similar to our previous release in the calendar tool, you have two straightforward options: either visit the all feature settings page and find the settings under Project time tracker > Settings or Analytics > Settings, or effortlessly click on the Settings option in the top bar of the relevant feature. Enjoy a hassle-free experience as you fine-tune your settings and supercharge your productivity!

Coming soon: new Time off balance cards

Exciting news! We wanted to give you a little sneak peek of what's coming up: we'll be refactoring the time off balance cards. Get ready for an enhanced and revamped experience that will take your time-off management to new heights! 

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