If your company uses Slack as a means of communication, you have the option to set up integration with Kenjo. 


This function enables you to ensure that all your colleagues are always updated regarding the absences on Slack. You can choose different symbols for the different absences when setting up the integration (e.g. sick, home office, vacation, etc.). 


For each absence created in Kenjo, you can choose an icon to display in Slack. 


In order to do so, go to Settings in your Kenjo account and activate Slack under the button Integrations

During the integration, please pay attention to the following points: 

  • In order to make the integration work properly, adjust the settings with a user who is an admin on Slack. 
  • The integration only works if you use the paid Slack version. 
  • If the connection to Slack is lost, only the admin can restore it.