Kenjo offers an integration with Slack that allows you to automatically update your colleagues' Slack status whenever they have a time off.

You will find a list of all the types of time off created in your Kenjo account. You can define an icon and a status for each time-off type.

For example: for the time off type "Holiday", you may want to use the icon ✈️ and the status: "On Holiday". 
With this setup, whenever one of your colleagues is away on Holiday, their Slack status will display the following message: 

✈️ On Holiday

To activate and set up this integration, go to Settings in Kenjo. On Integrations, click the button to activate Slack:


  • This needs to be set up by a Kenjo Admin who is at the same time the Primary owner of the Slack account
  • The integration may not work properly if you are not under a paid plan on Slack
  • If the connection with Slack is lost, only the Admin and Primary owner of the Slack account can restore it
  • Slack does not update statuses in real-time. Instead, Slack will send a status update at the following times: 
    • 03:00 UTC
    • 09:00 UTC
    • 11:00 UTC 
    • 15:00 UTC

Example: If a time off that starts today gets logged after 11:30, the Slack status of your colleague will update at 15:00.