API Integration

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In this article we will cover all aspects related with the API integration:

Important: This article is around the core API that will allow you to access employee data in your Kenjo account. This API is a different one to the public API used for the career site.


In order to request the API activation in your Kenjo account, you just need to go to Settings > Integrations and toggle the button beside API.

You will be notified that our support team will be contacted for the activation:

Important: The API is restricted to the Connect plan. You will be able to request the activation even if in any other plan, but please note that you will be prompted to upgrade your subscription if you wish to use the feature.



While you wait for our support team to process your request, it may be a good moment to go over our documentation on the API. You will there find all the information you need to work with this feature and all available endpoints.

Since our team is constantly improving our API integration, this documentation is constantly being updated. Check it back regularly to make sure you have the latest version.

Test environment

Since your developers will probably need to test the integration, we can provide you with a test environment (sandbox) where you can run all the necessary tests without compromising your real account data. 

Using a test environment is highly recommended before you enable the API integration in your real Kenjo account. If you would like to have a test environment, please let us know once we reach you, and we will provide you with the details.

Managing API tokens

Once your API activation request is approved, follow these steps to generate a new API Key:

Log in to your Kenjo account and navigate to Settings > Integrations > API. You will notice you will now have a Settings option where there was nothing before:

Clicking on Settings you will be sent to the API Keys settings section:

To generate your first API key click on GENERATE NEW API KEY. You are able to generate up to 5 keys with different levels of access.

Each API Key Requires:

  • Alias: To easily identify and manage your API keys, provide a unique alias or name for each key during the generation process.
  • Access Level: Define the level of access that the API key will have. Be sure to specify the Custom Permissions and restrictions associated with this key. By default each API key will have access to the company, office, departments, employee, team, area, calendar and custom field endpoints.

Important: Before saving, make sure to copy your API key to a secure location. Once saved, the API key will no longer be visible for security reasons.

Deployment to production

Once you're done playing with the test environment, please feel free to reach us at support@kenjo.io in order to request the API activation in your Kenjo account.

Note: Please understand that once you enable the API integration in your Kenjo account, its use and related actions are your sole responsibility. Therefore, we recommend proceeding with caution and testing only in a test environment.

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