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Modified on Mon, 21 Nov 2022 at 01:00 PM

We have partnered with JOIN to offer you a more extensive recruiting experience through our software. JOIN has all the major global job boards in one place. Through this integration, you can publish and promote your job openings on different portals and recognized global job boards such as LinkedIn and Xing.


Step I: Sign up to JOIN

If you don't have a JOIN account yet, you can sign up to JOIN here. Consider that to use Join, you will have to upgrade to the premium plan. You cannot use this integration with a free version of Join. 

Step II: Generate API key on Kenjo

  • To activate the Join integration on Kenjo, go to Settings > Integration > Joinand toggle the switch on
  • On the new pop-up window, click on NOTIFY SUPPORT TEAM. That way, a request will be raised with our support team, who will assist you in getting started.

  • Once you receive confirmation from our support team that the feature is activated, click on the Settings button


  • Click on the Copy icon to copy the Key
  • Click on SAVE

:rotating_light:Note: For security reasons, Kenjo generates a different API key every time you click on GENERATE NEW KEY. You will only be able to copy the key ONCE. After you have copied the key and clicked on SAVE, the majority of the key’s characters will appear blurred, except the last ones. That way, we ensure your key is not exposed.

If by any chance you lose the key before the next step in this process, make sure you delete the existing key by clicking on the bin icon and then generate a new one.

Step III: Enter the API directly in Join

Enter their API key directly inside the JOIN app. In order to do this, go to your JOIN account and navigate to Settings > Company Settings > Integrations. From the ATS Platforms, select Kenjo and complete the process. 

:rotating_light:Note: the key you generated in Step II is unique and permanent. However, if by mistake or for security reasons you delete the key and generate a new one, make sure you enter the new key in JOIN's portal.

On the overview page in JOIN, you will be able to check the status of the integration:
  • PENDING The request is processed by Join's team and the integration will be enabled soon.
  • CONNECTED The integration has been set up successfully and the synchronization of jobs and candidates is active.
  • FIX INTEGRATION There is an issue with the integration that needs to be fixed (e.g. invalid API token).

If you have any problems regarding this last step, please contact JOIN's support at

Once the integration has been completed, all job applicants and documents submitted on JOIN will automatically appear on Kenjo and have by default a JOIN tag.

:rotating_light: Note: 

Once Join is activated, only those positions flagged as "promote in JOIN" will be shared with Join. Then Kenjo only shares position information as department, company, office, description, employment type, remote, and title. Regarding the candidates, this information comes from Join, and we store in Kenjo the first name, last name, email, phone, and CV. 

If you already have a Join account, bear in mind that, once the integration is completed, your old job postings in Join will be deactivated until you toggle on the button “Promote in JOIN” in all job positions in Kenjo. Join archives the positions that have been posted manually in Join and the synchronization of the jobs from Join to Kenjo only begins when you click on the said button. To learn more, visit our article about how to promote a Job opening in Join!

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