Through our integration with JOIN, you can publish and promote your job openings on different portals and recognized global job boards such as Linkedin and Xing. Before promoting your job openings, make sure you activate the integration following these steps.

Once the Join integration has been completed, you will be able to post your Job openings on Join. You can either promote new or existing Job openings that you have stored in Kenjo.

To create new job openings, follow the steps described in this article.

Enable Join for job openings

Once you have created your job opening, go to Recruiting > Job openingsJob title > Configuration tab.

To successfully promote a job on Join there are certain requirements you need to fulfill: 

  • Job opening must be set to ‘Active
  • Job opening must have a job description

Note: Changing the status of a job opening from 'Active' to ‘Closed for new candidates’ or ‘Archived’ will result in the disabling of Join promotion.

Once you have changed the status of the Job opening to 'Active', the switch 'Promote in Join' will appear on the left-hand side of the screen. Toggle the switch on.

Immediately after promoting the job opening Join a new tag with the word Join will appear both in the job opening box, as well as in the list of all Join openings: 


  • Cronjob runs every 30 minutes. Therefore, promotion does not work automatically and you will have to wait roughly half an hour before seeing it on Join. 
  • Job openings are only editable in Kenjo. 

Disable Join from an active Join opening

  • Go to Recruiting > Job openings > Job title > Configuration tab.
  • Disable the Job opening by switching off the toggle button.

Finally, when a person submits a job application through Join, a new candidate profile that corresponds to that application will automatically appear in Kenjo's pipeline and New applicants section. The documents attached to this profile will have the Join tag and you will be able to see a preview of them directly on Kenjo.