Create a job opening

Modified on Fri, 21 Oct 2022 at 05:40 PM

You can create new job openings by going to Recruitment > Job openings and clicking on (+) ADD NEW JOB OPENING

A new menu will pop out, asking you to set up the Job details, the Application form, and the Hiring team.

Note: Make sure you have already configured your site for job openings, and added your Hiring pipelines, Hiring stages, and Job tags. Learn more by visiting our article: Configure your job openings.

Note: For more information, check out this video on how to create and configure job openings!

Job details 

Firstly, fill in the essential details of your job opening here. 

  • Job title: add the name of the Job title here, for example, Content Marketing Manager
  • Custom job URL: an URL to the job opening will automatically be generated once the Job title is added. You can generate a new URL by clicking on the refresh bottom or copying it to your portal by clicking on the icon with two pages:

  • Company: choose your preferred company
  • Department: choose the department to which this job opening belongs
  • Office: choose the office for the job opening
  • Job opening type: choose the opening type (full-time, part-time, intern, flexible, freelance, etc.)
  • Job description: add here your job description. You can adjust the font, as well as add pictures, video, and custom HTMLs 
  • Apply hiring pipeline: choose the Hiring pipeline you have set before when you configured your job openings. 

 ℹ️  If you have not created your hiring pipeline yet, make sure you visit this article!

  • Apply scorecard: choose the scorecard you have set before when you configured your job openings. 

ℹ️ If you haven't created your scorecards yet, refer to this article to learn how to do it.

When you are finished, click NEXT.

Application form

You can choose what elements you want to collect from the candidate in the application form. For each job posting, you can decide whether the information should be required, optional, or deactivated. Only the first name, the last name, and the email are required by default.

When you finish selecting the elements you want to display, click NEXT.

Hiring team

To involve your colleagues in the application process, you can now create a team for the job advertisement. 

Search for the employee you want to take part in the Hiring team using the bar "Search for name". Select the roles they will perform throughout the process. You can choose between two roles:

  • Hiring managers: members of this group have full control over the job opening and the application process. This is usually the right role for recruiters or HR managers.
  • Hiring members: members of this group have limited control over the job opening and the application process. This is usually a suitable role for the candidate's potential manager. 

Note: The permissions for the Hiring manager are always the same and cannot be modified. However, you can customize the permissions for the Hiring member. Click on the "Pencil" icon located next to "PERMISSIONS" to choose among the permissions this role will have.  Visit our article Hiring Manager vs. Hiring Members permissions to learn more.

After you have added all the employees to the hiring team for this position, click SAVE.

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