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To involve your colleagues in the recruitment process, you can create a hiring team for the job opening. First, create a Job opening. Go to Recruiting > Job Openings and click on (+) ADD NEW JOB OPENING. The system will display three Menus on the left side of the screen: 

  • Job details
  • Application form
  • Hiring team

To learn how how to complete the first two steps, please visit our article Create a job opening.

Hiring Team

Once you have added the Job details and the Application form, you will see the Menu Hiring team

Search for the employees you want to be part of the Hiring team using the bar "Search for name". Select the roles they will perform throughout the process. You can choose between two roles:

  • Hiring managers: members of this group have full control over the job opening and the application process. This is usually the right role for recruiters or HR managers.
  • Hiring members: members of this group have limited control over the job opening and the application process. This is usually a suitable role for the candidate's potential manager. 

Hiring managers:

The permissions for the Hiring manager are always the same and cannot be modified. Click on the "eye" icon next to "PERMISSIONS" to see the permissions this role has:

Hiring member:

Contrary to the permissions for the Hiring member, you can customize the permissions for the Hiring member. Click on the "Pencil" icon located next to "PERMISSIONS". A new window will pop up where you can add or remove as many checks as you need. 

The above-marked permissions are added by default automatically to the Hiring member. If you decide to add new permissions or remove existing ones for a specific hiring member, the customized roll will be marked as "modified". 

Note: You can also access the permissions for the Hiring team by going to Recruiting > Job openings > select job opening > Configuration > HIRING TEAM


Here you can find a list of all the permissions in detail. As the permissions are based on the job opening the user is assigned to, you can define the custom permissions manually for each member.

  • Access to pipeline

Allows you to enter the kanban. Without that permission, you can enter a candidate profile only via widgets on the home screen (or the direct link of the candidate profile)

  • Access to job opening configuration

Gives you access to the tab "Configuration" inside that job opening. If you give access to this tab, the employee will be able to edit everything

  • View candidate details

Access to the tab "OVERVIEW" inside a candidate profile

  • Score candidate

Enables the score button inside the candidate profile and gives access to the tab "SCORECARDS"

  • Create/Manage tasks

Tasks assigned to a user can always be completed by that user. If you want to create new tasks or change the title, date, or assignee of a task, you need to enable this permission

  • Read/write comments

Shows/hides the box "Discussion" inside the candidate profile

  • Move candidates to another stage

Enables the button "MOVE" inside the candidate profile and allows you to move candidates in the kanban via drag & drop

  • Hire candidates

Shows the option "Convert to employee" inside the candidate profile > [...]

Note: To be able to convert a candidate into an employee, you will also need the permission "Add employee" via profiles and permissions.

  • View attachments

Shows the box "Attachments" inside the candidate profile. Enables the "REVIEW" button inside the candidate profile

  • Manage attachments

Allows the user to upload, download, edit, and delete attachments. Enables the "attach files" link in the attachments box

  • View email attachments

Grants access to the attachments sent via email

  • Read/write emails

Access to the tab "EMAILS" inside the candidate profile

  • View/create offer

Access to the tab "OFFER" inside the candidate profile

  • Add candidates

Enables the "assign to" button in the candidate profile. The available job openings depend on the job openings you are assigned to via the hiring team. If you also have access to "talent pools" via Profiles and permissions, talent pools are also listed.

  • Reject candidates

Shows the option "reject" and "reject and send email" inside a candidate profile > [...]. Also needed for the action "Revert rejection"

  • Delete candidates

Shows the option "Delete" inside a candidate profile > [...].

Special case "Activity tab": To access this tab, all permissions need to be enabled.

Widgets on home screen: All widgets are filtered based on your permissions. So if the user has access to comments for job A, but not job B, the user will only see comments regarding candidates inside job A.

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