Before starting to use the solution for recruiting employees in Kenjo, it is necessary to make some basic adjustments. Go to Settings > Recruitment - Settings. If you haven't prepared your recruiting settings yet, check the following article in our Help Center: Setting up your recruiting cloud.

In the Recruiting menu item, you can add and manage all open vacancies under job openings.

Add job openings


You can create a new job opening using the + button. Now fill in the three specified categories to create your job posting: 

  • Job details: Fill in the essential details of your job opening here. In this area, you also define your markings and scorecards created in the settings. All of this information will be shown on your career page after activating the job opening.

  • Application form: Now you have to decide which fields in the application mask you would like to use your career page. Here you have an overview of all your applicant fields that you previously created in the recruiting settings. For each job posting, you can choose whether the information should be required, optional or deactivated. 

  • Hiring team: To involve your colleagues in the application process, you can now create a team for the job advertisement. You can choose between two roles:

  • Hiring managers have full control over the position and the applicants it contains. This is usually the right role for recruiters or HR managers.

  • Hiring team members can only view applications and evaluate the applicant. This is usually a suitable role for the candidate's potential manager.

Manage job openings

With a click on the job opening you can see Pipeline and configuration. Under the tab Configuration you can now fine-tune your job opening. Edit or check and edit the details of your job openings, the application form and the Hiring team. 

Go to Promote to post it on external job boards. To find the perfect one, you can use filters for the country, industry, maximum price and/or minimum days.

If you are going to post on more than one job board, it is very likely that the overall price is reduced as we offer bundle prices.


As the posting will be provided by a partner of us, you will get the invoice directly from Jobadpartner. But of course you can also contact us, if you have any questions.  

Activate job openings


Now that you have successfully created your job opening, you can activate and publish it.