Since each applicant goes through different pipelines of the recruiting process and these phases often vary depending on the department or job posting, you can design your individual application process here. 

Hiring stages

Therefore we differentiate between hiring stages and pipelines. The pipelines are assigned to a specific job opening and can include any number of steps due to the hiring stages. 


You should start creating all the basic hiring stages existing in your company. For a better overview, you can assign colors to these phases. 


Frequently used hiring stages are e.g.: pre-selection, phone interview, personal interview, trial work, tech trial, offer, etc.

Hiring Pipelines 

After you created all stages, you can now manage the individual process for a department or for a specific job opening under in Settings > Recruiting - Settings > Job openings > Hiring pipelines


By clicking the + button you can create a new pipeline and assign the corresponding stage to it. In order to do so, move the available stage into your pipeline and, if necessary, change the order by moving the parts of the phases up or down. 


Afterward, name the pipeline so that you can assign it to the relevant job openings later. 


As the last step, you need to save your pipeline at the bottom of the page. You can change or delete your pipelines at any time in the overview. Note that in order to create a new job opening at least one hiring pipeline is required.

Job opening tags

Settings > Recruiting - Settings > Job opening tags > [+] Add tag. 

In case you have a large list of job openings use the tags to filter them and find them easily in Recruiting > Job openings. 

The typical examples are to set up different locations, etc.