Configure Home Widgets

Modified on Mon, 05 Sep 2022 at 11:27 AM

Kenjo offers you different components, called widgets, that enable you and your employees to perform a function directly from the Home page. 

For further information, check out this video on the components of the homepage! 

To activate these widgets, go to Settings > Overview > Home widgets, and toggle the switch on to all the widgets you want your users to see on their home page (depending always on the permissions). These are the following widgets Kenjo offers:

Once you activate them, go to Home, and click on the icon located on the right side of the screen to manage your widgets:

Everyone using the software has the possibility to customize their experience by reordering, disabling, and enabling all the widgets on their Home page. Use the toggles to activate the widgets you want to see or click on the 6 dots to change their position.

Note: All widgets will be available for all users, but the content will be filtered depending on their profile and permissions, so if the employee, for example, doesn't have access to recruiting, those widgets will stay empty.


The Approvals widget shows you the pending time off requests from your reports. 

Once you click on VIEW ALL, you will be redirected to the view where all the requests are in order to approve or reject them.

My attendance

There are two different views for the My attendance widget: Manual entry or Punch clock. To configure which widget you prefer for your employees, go to Settings > Home Widgets > My attendance > Settings. 

To learn more about each widget possibility, visit our article Understand Attendance widgets.

New applicants

In this widget, you can check the new candidates for each position you have open.

When clicking on the candidate's name, you will be redirected to the candidate card:

Who's away

In the Who's away widget, employees have clarity about the people in their team that are currently away. When they hover their mouse over the employee, they can check the time off type (holiday, parental leave, sickness, etc.) and the dates they are going to be away.

The Who's away widget can be customized to show all the employees related to you. Learn more by visiting our article Understand My colleagues widget.

Job openings

The Job Openings widgets show you the current openings you have opened. Keep in mind that, just like with the Widget New applicants, only profiles that are part of the Hiring Team have the possibility to see information on this widget.

My colleagues

Just as the Who's away widget, the My colleagues widget can be customized to show all the employees related to you. Learn more by visiting our article Understand My colleagues widget

Work anniversaries

This widget shows all the employees' work anniversaries separated by month. Hover the mouse over to see the exact date of an employee's work anniversary.


Upcoming birthdays

Similar to the work anniversaries, employees will be aware of their colleagues' birthdays on the Upcoming birthday widget. Just hover the mouse over to check the exact date.

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