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Each applicant goes through different pipelines of the recruiting process. These phases often vary depending on the department or job posting, you can design your individual application process in Recruiting > Job openings. To configure your job openings, you will have to first understand what are hiring stages, hiring pipelines and job opening tags in Kenjo are.

Note: For more information, check out this video on how to create and configure job openings!

What is the difference between hiring stages and hiring pipelines?

We differentiate between hiring stages and pipelines. You define the hiring stages, which can then be assigned to hiring pipelines. The pipelines are assigned to a specific job opening and can include any number of steps due to the hiring stages. 

How do I create hiring stages?

The first step, should e creating the hiring stages. To do so, follow the next instructions:

  • Navigate to Settings > Recruiting > Settings > Job openings > Hiring Stages.

  • Click on (+) ADD HIRING STAGE and define the hiring stage name. You can assign colours to the respective stage for a better overview.


  • Add all the necessary hiring stages existing in your company. 

  • Frequently used hiring stages are screening, phone interview, personal interview, trial work, tech trial, offer, etc.

How do I create hiring pipelines?

After you created all stages, you can now manage the individual process for a department or for a specific job opening under Settings > Recruiting > Settings > Job openings > Hiring pipelines


  • Click (+) ADD HIRING PIPELINE to create a new pipeline

  • Assign the corresponding stage(s) to it. In order to do so, move the available stage into your pipeline and, if necessary, change the order by moving the stages up or down. 

  • Click on SAVE HIRING PIPELINE or UPDATE HIRING PIPELINE to save your changes. You can edit or delete your pipelines at any time on the overview page.

Note: in order to create a new job opening at least one hiring pipeline is required.

I have created the hiring stages and pipelines, now what?

To see everything in action, you will have to create your job openings and assign a hiring pipeline to them. To learn more about creating job openings, visit this article.

After you have created your job openings, go to Recruiting > Job openings and select a job opening. You will see the hiring pipeline and stages for that specific job opening.

This is a live example:

You can move the applicants though the different stages by dragging and dropping their names.

What are job opening tags?

Tags will help you filter your job openings and find them easily in Recruiting > Job openings.

  • Navigate to Settings > Recruiting > Settings > Job openings > Job opening tags and click on (+) ADD TAG.

  • Define the tag name, choose a tag colour and click on "ADD".
  • Add as many tags as necessary. The typical examples for tags are setting up different locations or languages, etc.

You can add tags under Job opening > Configuration. Add as many tags as you like to better distinguish your job opening.

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