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Build a workplace you and your people love with automated, quick surveys that measure employee satisfaction and gather anonymous first-hand feedback from them. You can activate Pulse with a click on Settings > PulseAfter that, you will see a new icon in your navigation bar on the left and can access the pulse section at any time. 


How do I set up my Pulse survey?

To set the survey frequency and the day you wish to send the survey to your employees, go to Settings > Pulse > Settings.  

How do I see the results from the Pulse?

To see the results from the pulse survey, go to Home > PulseThe survey that employees receive includes questions from 7 different subfactors. Each subfactor listed under the Key employee engagement drivers:

  • Job autonomy
  • Feedback
  • Leadership
  • Role Clarity
  • Workplace
  • Fairness
  • Meaning
  • Confidence

Additionally, surveys always includes one more question at the end to calculate the employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

You can see the subfactor of each category by clicking on it. For example, Confidence has the following subfactors: Optimism, Worthiness, and Self efficacy as shown in the screenshot below. 

What happens if my employees haven't answered?

You can send a reminder! The responses are completely anonymous, but you can find out who hasn't responded yet. Note: this only works if you have more than 10 employees. To see who hasn't response yet, go to Participation and click on SEE DETAILS.

The list of employees will appear, along with the date they completed their last survey and the day it was sent. You can choose those employees who have not answered it yet by clicking on the box next to their name and then on the REMEMBER button.

:rotating_light:Important: A reminder can only be sent after one week has passed since the last survey was sent. Before that, the button will not be clickable.

Finally, click on the CONFIRM NEW SURVEY button. An email will be sent to the selected audience with a link to a new survey.

How do I check my employees' feedback?

Your employees can also use the feed to send you feedback, which could also be anonymous or not. By clicking on each employee engagement drivers, you will be able to read your employees' feedback and even reply to them. You can also access this view by clicking on the tab Feed


  • How are my employees going to receive the Pulse surveys?
  • We want to remind our employees to fill out the Survey in the Pulse-Section, but it's not possible to click on the "Remind" button when we select them. 
  • How can we fix this? In which language would the questions in Pulse appear?

To know the answers to these questions, click here

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