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Whether you are an Admin, Manager, or Employee, you have the possibility to request time off in Kenjo. In this article, we will explain to you all the details on how to do it.


First, go to Home > Time off > PersonalOn this page, you will find information on the policies you have been assigned to, the time-off history, and the Who's away widget.

Policies assigned to you

On the very first view of the Personal tab, you will find the time-off types that have been assigned to you. Generally speaking, this could be, Holiday, Sickness, and Home office. 

  • Request time off: 

For each type of policy click on REQUEST or SUBMIT (depending on the case), to enter a time-off request. A new window will pop out asking you to add details of your time off:

  • Details of a time off

On those policies that have an earned or annual allowance (for example, vacation), information about the current balance will be available:

  • Earned allowance + carry over: total days available for the year 
  • Already taken or planned: days that you have planned or have already taken
  • Available: days you can still request off

Click on DETAILS to have a better overview and understanding of the allowance you currently have for each time-off type. In the detailed description, you will have information about the CURRENT CYCLE and the NEXT CYCLE:

  • Current cycle:

  • Next cycle:

  • Projected allowance: the number of days available according to the current time-off policy you have assigned. If your company's time-off policy changes and you get more allowance, this number will be reflected here.
  • Projected carry over: the current carry-over days from this year to the next.  It is usually the same number as your 'Available days' in the Current cycle tab.
  • Projected starting balance: the sum of your projected allowance and your projected carry-over days.
  • Planned *next year*: the days you have already requested for the upcoming year.
  • Projected cycle end balance: the projected starting balance minus the planned days. 

Time off history

After you have requested a time off, it will be reflected on the Time of history:

By clicking on the arrows, you can see information on those requests that are waiting for approval from your manager, as well as those that have been accepted. You can click on the "Pencil" icon to edit your requests or on the "X" to cancel them.

Note: Take into consideration that you and your employees can edit or add new documents to time off requests that have already started. For example, if an employee is on vacation and decides to extend it, he or she can edit their current request. This will prompt a new request for the manager or admin. 

Who's away widget

Finally, you are able to directly see who is away at the moment or will be away in the next few days. 

By clicking on MORE INFO, you will find out whose absences are displed in this widget (this configuration is determined by the Admin of the Kenjo account or your Manager):

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