Create shifts in Bulk (advanced options)

Modified on Mon, 23 Jan 2023 at 02:17 PM

Setup recurring shift creation easily with multiple configuration options  

One of our biggest learnings while developing Shiftplan is that our busy shiftplanners would essentially love to use the software as little as possible. This insight led us to build features which lets shift planners build plans which can stretch up to months and years, so that they need to only come to Shiftplan to make dynamic changes only. 

We also understand that long term planning give stability and peace of mind not only to shiftplanners but also to employees. We imagine a world where shift planners can plan months in advance with the help of software and publish them so that their employees can also plan their rest of their life activities in advance.

That's why we build a simple but powerful bulk shift creation feature.

Where to find this feature?

How does this work? 

  • You need to navigate to Shiftplan > Schedule > Add new shift 
  • In the add new shift dialog you will see a new toggle called advanced options 
  • The advanced options let you to simple choose a frequency of repeat with the options for repeating a shift configuration every week, every alternate week up to 8 weeks


  • To give an example, if you choose to repeat every 2 weeks, a shift configuration will be applied to the current week and the current + 2nd week, current + 4th week etc.
  • Finally, to close the setting, you need to choose an end date of this repeat setup which can be up to anytime in the future, unless you are trying to create more than 10000 shifts at once. 

ℹ️ You can not only create repeat options in advanced creation option, but also include multiple employees in a single creation action. This way you can create repeating shifts for multiple people in a single shift creation action. 

Note that the advanced options can be used only when you have selected at least one repeat day (Mon, Tues, etc.) 

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