Add employees to a virtual office

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If you have employees that work remotely, you have the option to assign them to a virtual office. This way, they can be assigned to an office of your choice without physically having to be there. You can assign employees to a virtual office under People > Work > Virtual Office.


For a better understanding of how this would work, let’s create an example together. Let’s say you have an employee that works in Munich but belongs to the office in Berlin. You want the employee to appear in your reports etc. in Berlin but use the holidays of Munich - then choose Munich as the virtual office, while Berlin stays the main office.

Setting up a virtual office

Follow the below steps to set up a Virtual office for an employee.

  • Go to People on Kenjo

  • Click on the Employee profile you would like to set up a virtual office

  • Go to the Personal page of the employee profile

  • Under the Work section, add Berlin as the main office

  • Click on the Virtual office field

  • Fill the form to define the details of the Virtual office in Munich

  • Click Save 


Note: The virtual office field will not appear under Offices or Employee Fields sections under Settings.

The template form needs the following elements to be filled: 


  • Virtual office name (required): Specify the name of the virtual office

  • Street (optional): Enter the street name of the virtual office

  • Postal code (optional): Enter the postal code of the virtual office

  • City (optional): Name of the city of the virtual office

  • Country (optional): Name of the Country of the virtual office

  • Calendar (required): Choose the Calendar of the virtual office - please note that you need to create the calendar before in Settings > Public holidays


  • If you create a virtual office with a calendar that is different from the original office, time off´s may change due to the different bank holidays for this employee.

  • A virtual office will not appear in the employee’s public profile. Only the main office (so in this case, Berlin) is shown.

Deleting a virtual office

To delete a Virtual office:

  • Go to People on Kenjo

  • Click on the Employee profile you would like to edit

  • Go to the Personal page of the employee profile

  • Under the Work section, click on the crossmark (X) beside the Virtual office field

  • The virtual office will be removed from the profile of the employee

Note: When a virtual office is deleted, the employee’s main office is not affected and they remain assigned to it. So, in our example, the employee is still assigned to the Berlin office, but no longer to the Munich office.

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